They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


11. I'm the favourite soon

I knew that my plan succeed. When Perrie saw the painting, who imagined me, she was angry. She looked coldly at Zayn and shook with rage.
"You can paint her perfectly, but my picture is ugly, I want you to paint me again!"
Zayn just sighed and shook his head.
"I can only paint if I get inspired and I'm not that by you!"
She was angry and she looked directly at me cold.
"How did you manage this?"
I swallowed and pushed aside the uncertain Kim. I just smiled and looked at her, as if I was more than she.
"I showed him my soul!"
Perrie walked over to me and looked coldly into my eyes. I saw that she wanted to beat me, tearing me apart or kill me. Still, she kept quiet and smiled cold.
"You're not worth anything to them. Eleanor and I have been here the longest. You're just a kid who thinks you are worth more than we are."

Zayn came right up to us and went between us. He shoved Perrie away from me and shook the head at her.
"You're jealous and you know what all the guys think about it? We don't like those girls!"
She was so angry that she turned red in the face. She chose to leave us and immediately Zayn turned around and smiled at me.
"You are perfect as you are. Never forget that!"


I must admit that I felt scared. It was as if I was creating problems between the girls, but I wasn't prepared for it. I knew I had to, but when even Sophia seemed unsure, I was the same.


In the evening came Zayn in to me and laid down next to me in the bed. We lay on our back and looked up at the ceiling.
"They are afraid!" he said and looked at me. "We got Eleanor first and she has always been the leader among the girls. Then came Perrie and they actually became friends. Sophia has always shied herself away and now we got you."
I swallowed
"I may not fit in?"
He smiled weakly and looked up at the ceiling again.
"It's that make it so good! You fit in and you give Perrie a reason to improve. Louis is talking to her right now and will try to get her to understand that we aren't judging anyone., we love you all equally!"

Plan A was thus to implement?!
He swallowed and looked at me seriously. He looked at my face and then smiled weakly.
"Don't tell the others, but you're my favourite!"
Plan A worked! Woo hoo!


I enjoyed and I put down all my energy on my appearance. I wanted to be perfect for them and I laughed at their jokes. Even Harry was funny, but the other girls saw through me. Eleanor pulled me into another room and looked cold on me.
"I see what you're doing!"
I smiled at her and showed a confident Kim.
"I do what they want. I laugh, I'm social and I do everything for them. Wasn't that what you wanted?"
She swallowed and realized that I was doing the right thing for them.
"Yes, but you don't need to be on them all the time?"
I just smiled safely.
"I'm not on them all the time and I didn't even invite them to my room. I'm just social and give them space to be themselves!"


I did no more than get out to the other until Niall pulled me into the kitchen. He looked at me for long and swallowed.
"They told me that you are perfect in bed, but all you did was just lying there?"
I realized that he wasn't convinced by me. I smiled at Niall and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.
"That's when You got my virginity, but I have more to give!"
Niall seemed uncertain.
"You mean more to give me?"
I took my arms around his shoulders and looked seductively into his eyes. I nodded and smiled big. He shining directly up and I felt his hands encircle my back. He pressed me against him and gave me a quick kiss.
"Do you desire to do something now?"


I was unsure about Niall. He was probably as inexperienced as I was, but I chose to follow him into the room. I had no idea what he wanted, but when he had stripped us naked, I realized that he expected more from me.


Niall ended up on the floor and directly I sat on top of him. I bent over him and kissed his lips. He moaned and I felt his boner pressed against me. He wanted to do everything quickly, but this time I didn't let him decide.
"Can't I.....?" he murmured, and pressed his cock against me. I just smiled and made ​​sure he was still under me.
"I dictate now Nialler!" I whispered hoarsely, and kissed him lightly. "You are mine and not the other way around!"

I realized that I was right. He wanted me to be dominant and I saw in his eyes that he liked it. I kissed him lightly and let the kiss wander down over his chest. He groaned and threw back his head. I kissed his stomach and slowly I slid down to his hard part. Niall seemed almost going crazy and he groaned higher. I didn't know how to do with a guy's member, but I chose to play as I did. I swallowed and put my hand over it.
"You're fucking best!" whacked Niall directly and looked down at me. "Take it in your mouth, please!"

I laughed a little bit and looked up at him.
"Who decides?"
He groaned and gulped.
I nodded and continued to pull my hand over his cock. I smiled and looked down at it. How do I do now? I tried to think about what I thought. You couldn't use my teeth, but more?


Proceed to the end, I decided to try anyway. I took it between my lips and felt it was pressed into my mouth. I noticed that Niall almost screamed. I let it then slide out of my mouth and he moaned as loud as before. I smiled and realized that I was right. I worked faster and I felt that the whole Niall hitched. He moved his hips against me, and he closed his eyes tightly. His mouth was wide open and he didn't know where he was going. Still, it was pretty boring in the long run to do it for him. In the end, I sat astride him and let him penetrate. I let his dick be against my hole and slowly, I sat down on him. Niall took his hands on my hips and made ​​me start to ride him. He moaned louder and louder. Finally he came and started pushing hard into me. I felt him shaking and he almost screamed my name straight out.


"Damn!" whacked him afterwards and looked up at me. He smiled wide and swallowed. "You are absolutely the only one who knows how to do!"
I smiled big.
"So I'm better against the others?"
He nodded directly
"Damn, Kim! You are mine now! I think I love you!"


I knew that Liam would be the next victim. I knew it would be hard to seduce him. He hadn't shown any interest in me, and he hadn't even tried to flirt with me. I assumed it had to take its time. Maybe he was harder to get offended, but I had to find his weak side.

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