They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


31. Home

Louis stopped outside my house and I saw Daddy's car parked in the driveway. I gulped and looked at the clock. This early, he was never at home when I still lived there. I looked toward the house again, then at Louis.
"I don't know about ...."
He gave me a light kiss on the lips.
"We'll meet them now or never, honey!"
I nodded weakly and we jumped out of the car. Louis took my hand in his and we walked toward the house. I noted that much had changed. It looked more worn and the yard looked nothing like an oasis any more. I got scared and realized that they wouldn't understand the lie. Direct I stopped and got Louis to do the same.
"Another lie!" I got out of me. "I ran away from home and you saved me. You found me on a street one day and took care of me. I chose to stay with you and you have persuaded me to come home!"
Louis nodded and smiled reassuring.
"Okay, if you say so!"

Direct I looked into his eyes.
"Please, Louis, that sounds better!"
He hugged me and he knew I was insecure and felt afraid of how they would react.
"Okay I saved you, even if it was you who saved me?"
I smiled weakly.
He released me.
"I saw you on the street many days and in the end, I wanted to help you., We fell in love and you got pregnant. Then you told me the truth and I wanted to meet your parents?"
I smiled
He smiled
"Good, okay!"


Louis doorbell rang and I stood behind him. I was scared and I was shaking. I heard a voice from inside the house and right as it was opening the door. It was my dad. He looked at Louis and would say something, but then he saw me and he just stared.
I swallowed and felt the tears coming.
"Hey Dad!"
I heard mom's voice from inside the house.
"Who is it?"
She came out to us and she looked nervous. She looked wonderingly at Dad, then Louis and then she saw me. I've never seen her cry, but immediately came her tears. She threw herself at me and hugged me tightly.
"Kim?" she cried almost. "Where have you been so long my dear child? We thought you were dead!"

"I live!" I whispered, and let all the emotions come. I much crying and shaking all over. "Sorry!"
She released me and took my face between her hands.
"You came home?" then she looked at Louis and she began to think clearly. "And who are you?"
Louis looked frightened and immediately I smiled faintly through my tears.
"He's my boyfriend and it's thanks to him that I came!"
Mom threw herself into Louis arms.
"Oh thanks boyfriend!"
Louis laughed a little bit.
"My name is Louis!"
"Thank you Louis!"


We lied! We sat in the kitchen and I lied all that I could.
"I ran away because I didn't think you cared about me. I lived on the streets for some time and begging for money!"
Dad hugged me directly.
"But we care!" he whispered. "I know I wasn't home often and mom might not showed love so much to you. But we care about you so much!"

He released me and smiled big.
"And what else?"
I swallowed
"Louis found me on the street and he took me home. Then I chose to stay and we became a couple. I'm pregnant and it led to his forced me here!"
Both mom and dad fell silent.
"Pregnant?" they said in the mouth of another. I nodded and looked down at my hands.
"We keep the baby even though I'm young. Louis earn money and he takes care of me!"
Dad stared at Louis
"And you're the father?"
Louis nodded proudly, but realized that they were shocked.
"That's why we came here. I wanted to meet you and I wish that Kim can makes peace with you!"


We talked all day and all night. Mom and dad finally understood that we were serious, although it was all a lie. I realized that the lie was better than a truth and in fact, I was proud of Louis. He was social and he said the right things. I saw that my parents liked him and in the end, I held his hand the whole time.


"You have to sleep over!" Mom said. "It's late and we have both guest rooms and Nelly's old room!"
Louis nodded
"We'll stay if you want that?"
Dad stood right up and started walking towards the stairs up.
"I'll help you to bed."


We lay in my old room and I crawled into Louis arms. I held him tight and kissed him.
"Thank you!"
He smiled weakly and looked into my eyes.
"Kim, I like your parents, I promise you will get a free life with me!"
I laughed a little bit
"Okay, I believe in you!"
He kissed me and lay on top of me. I felt him pushing me down against the mattress, and he spread his lips. I groaned and let his hands caress my body. He pulled down my panties and his own underpants. I had nothing against him penetrated. We just got to be quieter compared to what we have been.  I had a feeling that one day I would love him and I knew I can trust him. I groaned silently to his lips, and I followed his movements. After a while I came and bit my lip hard. Louis did the same and grunted quietly. He filled me and then fell together on top of me.


"Louis!" I whispered tenderly. "I promise to stay with you and I think I have feelings for you."
He looked into my eyes.
"One day you might even love me as much as I love you?"
I nodded
"Pretty good chance that it will be so!"
He kissed me directly and I saw how happy he was.


We fell asleep in each other's arms for the first time in years I felt safe.

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