They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


24. Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve came and when I woke up in the morning, I missed my family, my real family. I sat up in bed and swallowed. It was snowing outside and during the night someone had taken the Christmas decorations into my room. I was surprised and looked around. There was even a small Christmas tree with balls, lights and a star on top. I saw a package under the tree and immediately I went there and opened the package. It was a sexy dress and I knew that the boys wanted me to take me on.


I showered and got ready. I stood and wiped the hair when suddenly Harry came into the room. He walked over to me and smiled big.
"I have one thing I'll give to you!"
I turned around and looked at him.
He took out a box and opened it. There in lay a beautiful necklace, bracelet and ear pendants. I was surprised, but Harry just smiled at me.
"It's from all five, so it's not just from me!"
He took the necklace on me and helped me with the jewellery. Then he looked at me from the bottom up.
"You look good Kim! That dress is perfect for your body!"


It was a wonderful day. Everyone was in good spirits and we ate a big breakfast. Niall and Liam had during the night decorated a Christmas tree and placed it in the middle of the living room. I felt that they had done a good job and actually got a Christmas feeling in the body.
"Our parents will come then!" suddenly said Niall and I looked wonderingly at him.
He laughed and nodded. Directly I became serious.
"And mine?"
Niall stopped smiling and looked a long time for me. He became serious and shook his head.
"They don't belong to the family Kim!"

Directly I became angry.
"Well because they're my parents. They are the ones who made ​​sure I ..!"
Louis came up and silenced me by a kiss.
"Maybe another day?"
I swallowed
"But I ..."
Louis took his hand over my mouth and looked into my eyes.
"Don't ruin this day!" he whispered, looking pointedly at me. "It's Christmas Eve and we have done everything so the day will be wonderful. Be a good girl, otherwise you stay in your room all day and you don't want to miss everything! Right?"

I swallowed.
Louis smiled and took his arms around my hip.
"Come on Kim! You know better than to ruin everything!"
I nodded slightly and realized that I had to bite the bullet. They had power and I was just their slave.


The boys' parents came and a large table was laid in a room, which I haven't been in before. I understood that it was a party room and everything looked perfect. I chose to keep me on my edge. Reply if I was spoken to and I didn't been seen too much. Their parents seemed to think that Perrie was dating Zayn, Eleanor was with Louis and Sophia was with Liam. I wondered who I belonged to and got the answer. Niall hugged me and put his lips to my ear.
"Now everyone will think you're my girlfriend, so play like you are!"
I swallowed.


Nialls mother Maura came up to me and she smiled big.
"I've heard so much about you! So nice to finally meet you!"
I saw that everyone was staring at me to see how I handled myself.
"Oh, I've heard a lot about you!" I lied and felt my whole body shook. It felt wrong to lie, and she seemed to be a wonderful person.
"You need to come to Ireland when you have time!"
I nodded and smiled falsely,
"Yes, it would be really fun!"


"You're crazy!" I hissed in Nialls ear when we were sitting at the table. All sat and talked about everything. It looked to be a normal family reunion, but I knew that everything was a lie.
"Kim, try now to be normal!" he whispered back. "We'll talk about this when they have gone home. Okay?"
I nodded and took some food. Maura seemed to sit and look at me almost constantly. Later in the evening I heard her talking to Niall.
"She's wonderful!"
I suffered! It was just a lie, and Niall lied to his mother. I hated him for it and I hated the whole situation. Wouldn't they soon ask where my parents were? Then I could tell them that they didn't come, because I wasn't Nialls girlfriend. I was a slave and something all the guys could do what they wanted with. Maybe not a good idea to be honest with the parents, but I was actually angry.


Everyone gathered inside the living room and Niall pulled me into his lap. We sat on the couch and I felt his arms around my waist. He held me tight and I tried to smile and not to show how unsuccessful I felt.
"Come on!" Niall whispered in my ear. "Play as if you actually have feelings for me!"
I nodded and tried to relax.


It felt so strange in the room. I saw Eleanor smile at Louis as if he were God. Perrie kissed Zayn often and it almost looked as if they were a married couple. Sophia was a bit more shy, but she was the only one who had genuine feelings and I saw how she enjoyed being close to Liam. I smiled at her and she just laughed. In the end, the parents would go home and before Maura left us, she came up to Niall with a bag. I stood next to him and was just quiet.
"Here are gifts for you and Kim!" she said and then looked at me. "I don't know if that's what you want, but call if you want to change!"
I nodded and smiled. I gave her a hug and I actually liked Nialls mother. She was nice.


When the front door was closed, turned Liam around to all of us.
"Okay, we do what we always do on Christmas night?"
I gulped and looked wonderingly at Niall. He smiled at me.
"You and I go into my room. I have all the packages there as everyone has bought into you and then we have the whole night together."
I frowned and looked over at Harry.
"And he?"
Niall took his arm around my shoulder.
"He can come in to whomever he wants to be with. Or he stays in his room. Last Christmas he sat with me and played video games all night, but this year I have you!"

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