They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


25. Boyfriend?

Niall had made arrangements throughout his room and everything was almost adorned with Christmas decorations. He had a Christmas tree and under it was a lot of presents underneath. He stood behind me and hugged me tightly.
"All packages are yours!" he whispered in my ear. "Do you want to open them now or tomorrow?"
What could I say? I chose to nod. Niall pulled directly me to the tree and sat me down on the floor. He sat down behind my back and took his arms around my waist.
"Choose which one to open first!"


I got a computer, clothes, a cell phone (which they could reach me on and not vice versa), a lot of makeup and anything that was needed. I'm happy but I realized that this was just bribes. It wasn't the love that I had received in the items.


In the end Niall gave me Maura's Christmas present and he took out it that he had received from her. We opened them at the same time and to my surprise it was two knitted cardigans that we got. On my I read: Nialls girlfriend! On Nialls I read: Kim's boyfriend! I was touched and actually I thought it was a nice thought behind the gift. The problem was that it wasn't true.
"Mom is fun!" Niall laughed and smiled at me. I swallowed and just nodded. It still felt that everything was a lie.


Right as it was, he took my hand. He pulled me into the bathroom and began to flush the water in the tub. He smiled and turned around to me. He began to undress me naked and then he took off his clothes. He poured in the bath oil in the water and it smelled like Christmas. He shut off the water and then sat down in the water. He sat down behind my back and took the soap in his hand. He took the soap over my skin and smiled big.
"I've always wanted to do this with a special person!"
I sighed
"I'm not special!"
He kissed my neck.
"Yeah you are, cause you're my girlfriend!"
I shook my head
"As your buddies can fuck with!"

He paused a bit and swallowed.
"Yes, maybe so, but you're still mine!"


Once we had dried us, he took me to the bed. He laid me down naked on the mattress and then lay on top of me. I felt how he started kissing me and immediately I sighed.
"Niall, I don't wanna do this right now!"
Niall didn't care and started moving over my body. He parted my legs and rubbed his member against me. He kissed me and took his arms tightly around my body. I gave up and let him continue. He parted the lips and I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. Actually, he took it easy and this was the first time that he cared about me. When he penetrated it felt wonderful and he made me moan lightly against his lips. He smiled and sat up. He pulled me into his lap and pushed his dick back in my hole.
"Ride me!" he murmured, and I slowly began to move my body. I held him around his shoulders and he had a tight hold around my back. He looked into my eyes and followed my movements. I kissed him again and was moving rapidly up and down. Niall whimpered and I felt how he caressed my back and down over my ass.
"Ride me faster!" he whispered hoarsely and I obeyed him. He helped me to push my body hard down over his cock and he helped me to increase the pace.


After a while Niall lay down on his back and looked up at me . I continued to ride him and I felt his hand began to fondle my breasts, my stomach and eventually one hand was over my clitoris. I moaned loudly and acceleration. I kept the balance by holding my hands tight against his chest. Eventually I came and I groaned loudly. I moaned and I was shaking. My whole body was vibrating and I landed hard on top of Niall.
"You came!" he laughed. "You came for the first time along with me!"
I smiled and kissed him.
Niall giggled and took me away. He made me stand on all fours and he stood behind me. He penetrated and slowly started to move towards my butt. I moved into his pace and pretty soon he bounced hard against me. He moaned loudly and grabbed my waist . He got me rocking back and forth faster. I heard he came closer to climax and finally I heard how he screamed . He held my back hard against him and he pumped cum in me.


Afterwards we lay in bed and held each other. Niall smiled big and hugged me tightly.
"Kim, I wish we lived in a house!"
I sighed
"But I belong to the One Direction. You don't own me alone!"
He sighed
"I mean like a normal couple. Obtaining a home and raise a family!"
I looked up at him.
"You're serious?"
He nodded with satisfaction and met my gaze.
"Why wouldn't I want you?"
I smiled weakly.
"Your friends have been with me?"
He laughed
"But I took your virginity!"


Why didn't the guys see that they did wrong? They could certainly get girls anywhere on earth, and they could find a girlfriend everywhere. Yet they kidnapped girls and forced them to stay. Why? I knew I wouldn't get an answer to the question, but it would have been interesting!

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