They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


18. A small house

Sophia was suddenly behind me.
"NOW!" she hissed and directly I turned around to face her and I nodded. We gave each other a quick hug and then I picked up my backpack quickly. She stood so no one was able to see me. I was quick and unlocked the door. I opened it and slipped out of the house. I locked the door behind me and then I ran across the yard. When I reached the corner I tore down all the plants and crawled through the hole. I got on my warmer clothes and then I ran out to the woods. I ran toward the trees that obscured the woods toward the house and I didn't stop running. I almost tripped over a few branches, but I was determined. I was going home. 


It's weird! Once you are on the run I started to remember all the songs that One Direction had recorded. I heard their songs in my head and immediately I wondered why. I laughed at myself when I realized I was singing the wrong song.

"One way or another I'm gonna find you, I'm gonna get you, get you, get you, get you!"
I grinned slightly and looked around. So far, I was alone among the trees and I didn't give. I ran until my legs ached and until I could hardly more.


I was weak and I saw the sun setting down in the horizon. My stomach rumbled, but I knew I would get food by mom. I chose to sit on a rock and I calmed down. I tried to listen for cars and for sounds reminiscent of humans.


It was almost dark in the woods when I went forward. I went on and chose to take it easier. The boys would surely look after me, but not at the place where I was now. I tried to look forward and in the end I came to the edge of the forest. I saw a meadow in front of me and right away I tried checking out the area. I saw a house on the other side of the meadow and directly, I decided to walk towards the house.


I arrived at the house and realized that it was unoccupied. The windows were broken and the door was wide open. Nevertheless, I decided to search me under the roof and see if there was something to sleep on. I was tired and my whole body ached. I found a couch in a room and even if that it smelled bad, I chose to put me on it. I was so tired and I fell asleep.


It wasn't a good sleep! I woke up several times by the sounds from the woods and I couldn't relax. Nevertheless, I stayed and tried to settle down. I was half asleep when I heard a car coming toward the house. I sat right up and took the backpack on my back. I jumped out of a window and ran back to the meadow. I hid behind the tall grass and waited.


"There's nobody here!" I heard Nialls voice shouting and I saw Louis's face in the window. I pushed myself to the ground and hoped he didn't see me.
"She must have run against this way!"
"But she's not here!"
"Maybe she'll soon?"
"Should we wait?"


The soil cooled me down, but I was determined to make it anyway. I almost fell asleep on the ground, but I didn't dare to completely relax. The sun began to go up and I cringed so they wouldn't see me behind the bush.
"Maybe she's going the other way?"
"No, I know that she chose this route., It's the only way where there are no roads!"
"Should we call the others?"
"Yes, call them and say that we are here for a while!"

I just wanted to cry and I just wanted to get out of there, but how?


Eventually I fell asleep with my head against the backpack. And the last I heard were birds that chirping.

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