They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


30. A change

Niall left me alone one day. They're going to the studio and make music. Niall was going there and playing the guitar.
"I will as soon as I can come home!" he said and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. "You can call if there is something!"
I sighed
"I can't call Niall, I can't on the cell phone, because you made it like that!"
He was startled and realized that I was right.
"But I'll call you when I have time, then!"
I nodded weakly.
"Hope it goes well!"
He smiled and put his jacket on. He watched me closely.
"Will you be okay  to be alone at home?"
I nodded and swallowed. I didn't want to admit that I hated the loneliness, now that I was used to having people around me.


I sat down at the TV and chose a channel. It showed an old movie and it was better than nothing. I yawned and felt on my stomach with my hand. I still had trouble in the morning not to vomit. I had no appetite and it felt weird to have a baby in the belly. I sat and thought about the stomach and the baby. Suddenly the front door opened and Louis came into the house.
"I had to meet you!" he said right away and looked at me with excited eyes. He had missed me? "Niall went and I took the opportunity to sneak in!"
I sighed and gave him a cold stare.
"I'm not your ..."
He stood in the middle of the floor and interrupted me.
"I'll leave you if you admit that you want me more than Niall!"
I sighed.
"Louis, I want you more than Niall!"
He laughed and shook his head.
"No, it should sound believable."

I showed with the whole body that he was silly, but Louis didn't give up. He walked over to the couch and pulled me up.
"Come on, sweetheart!" he whispered and pulled me into his arms. "Say it!"
I was annoyed.
"You can't make me!"
He laughed a little and kissed me. Louis knew I loved his kisses. I took my arms around his neck and felt him almost wanted to eat me. He ended the kiss and smiled big.
"You want me?"
I swallowed and shook my head. I tried to get away, but he held me tight.
"I'm not giving up Kim! It's about more than us. This is about a child and you should choose me, why did you take Niall?"
I swallowed
"Because of a lie!"
"What a lie!"
I chose to be honest. I swallowed again and avoided his gaze.
"He promised me a thing!"
"What thing?"
I just wanted to cry.
"That I was going to meet my parents!"
Louis fell silent and just stared at me. At last he understood my choice and directly he shook his head.
"He will never ..."
I interrupted him angrily.
"I know!"


Louis released me and he seemed to ponder on Nialls promise. Louis looked toward the door and then at me.
"Put on your clothes!"
I smiled weakly and didn't understand him.
"I have clothes on me!"
He smiled and nodded
"I meant outerwear!"
I obeyed him and realized that he had a plan. Louis pulled me out of the house and away to his car. He forced me into the car and then he sat behind the wheel. I looked wonderingly at him and when he started the engine, he looked at me.
"If I take you to them then you promise to stay with me?"
Direct I swallowed and I felt the whole body tingled. I looked at him with wide eyes and nodded.
"Yes, I promise!"

Louis turned the car towards the closed gate.
"Then we go through it!"
He laughed
"There's no other way out!"
He pressed the gas pedal and the car flew towards the gate. To my great surprise, opened the doors of the car's pressure and we came out to the road.
"Woo hoo!" I heard Louis sing, but I was almost shocked.
"Niall will ...!"
Louis laughing
"We'll leave him behind us!" He looked quickly at me. "Now you're mine and I promise you will be happy with me!"
I realized that I had to keep my promise.
"What shall we say to mom and dad?"


After three mile came Louis up with an statement.
"We tell them that I'm attracted to you., We knew each other before and I thought this would end, that you would leave me? We fled, even though you weren't on it, and when you got pregnant, I didn't want to keep you away from them?"
I laughed
"So everything is your fault?"
Louis nodded immediately and gave me a knowing look.
"And that's no lie!"
I looked at him and nodded. I realized that perhaps he regretted the violence and that they forced me into a lot of things.
"And then?" I got out of me. Louis swallowed and looked foreward on the road.
"We take one thing at a time., We can stay at my parents' cottage. The guys don't know where it is and maybe I can get mom to be quiet?"
"And then?"
Louis gave me a quick glance.
"I promise I'll come up with a solution!"


Okay! I must admit that I had no feelings for Louis, but something told me that he really cared. He seemed like he wanted to invest in me and it aroused feelings in me. I knew that maybe I could be happy with him.


"Louis?" I got out of me. "Do you regret that you kidnapped me?"
He was silent for a moment before he answered.
"No, because I hadn't met you otherwise, but I regret that I didn't do anything about it right from the day I realized I wanted you!"
I smiled at him.
"Better than nothing!"
He nodded
"I'm honest!"

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