My mate,my love,my world

Faith is a werewolf and shes kind but what happens when a vampire bites her?.She soon finds her mate that every werewolf haves to find.His name is harry.Sometimes werewolves mates can be vampires or witches.Faiths mate is a vampire.Will it work out or will she die with the vampire venom?


2. vampire venom

Faith POV

I suddenly felt pain in me.

"Ahh"I screamed.

"Faith!"Harry yelled.

My eyes started changing from red to yellow and kept on turning.

My claws came in and out.

My teeth changed from vampire teeth to werewolf teeth an kept on turning.

I suddenly felt hungry for any type of blood.

I looked at Harry and I wanted his blood.

"Harry run!"I yelled still in pain.

"No! I'm not leaving without you!"he yelled.

"We just met and you like me!"I yelled still in pain.

"Your destined to be my mate"he said.

"Get out!i think when that vampire bit me I think he might of turned me into one and now I feel like eating any m type of blood!"I yelled still in pain.

"Now go!"I yelled in a demonic voice.

"No!"he yelled.

I couldn't hold it anymore,the pain was too much for me.

I got up and vampire speeded to him.

I smelled his neck and licked it.

I felt my vampire teeth come out.

I stuck my teeth into his neck and started drinking his blood.

Instead of Harry screaming he kept my head still on his neck by putting his hand on my head pushing it more.

He let go of my head and I pulled away.

"I never knew blood was good"I said satisfied.

He smiled.

"This has happened before"he said.

"Really,you mean the whole venom thing,right?"I asked.

"Yes,I mean about the venom"he said.

"What did they do to end the pain?"I asked.

"They had to find their mates and drink each other's blood"he said.

"Really?"I asked.

"Yes"he said.

He vampire speeded to me and pushed me to a wall and got close to my neck.

He licked it and I suddenly felt sharp teeth in my neck.

It actually does feel good.

I put my hand on his head pushing it more on my neck.

It felt like if someone was kissing you on the neck softly.

He put his hands on my waist and that's when I noticed that my shirt was ripped,and my pants were ripped.

So that just left me with my waist and stomach showing and my legs showing,and also a little bit of my bra showing.

His hands were warm on my waist.

He put his hands on my legs lifting them up and putting them around his waist.

During that,he let a little bit of blood go down to my chest.

He stopped drinking from my neck and licked the blood down to my chest.

"You know your flesh tastes good"he said

"Thank you?"I said nervously.

He chuckled

He started licking my stomach.

"Uh....Harry?what are you doing?"I asked.

"Harry isn't here anymore"a demonic voice said in Harry's body.

Suddenly I felt sharp teeth in my stomach ripping it.

I screamed loudly.

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