My mate,my love,my world

Faith is a werewolf and shes kind but what happens when a vampire bites her?.She soon finds her mate that every werewolf haves to find.His name is harry.Sometimes werewolves mates can be vampires or witches.Faiths mate is a vampire.Will it work out or will she die with the vampire venom?


1. Full moon

I turned into a wolf and ran as fast as i could.I felt something bite me and i whimpered.the thing that was biting me stopped .A vampire.i felt my body burn as the venom reached my veins.i suddenly started throwing up blood.i turned into a human and it actually made the pain worst.i ran until i smelled the scent.but it can't be.its the mate's a once in a life time scent where you can find your mate.i followed it until it stopped at a house.i looked at the moon.still not a full moon.i knocked on the door not knowing what i was doing.a guy with brown curly hair and gorgeous emerald green eyes opened the door."help me"i said.those were the last words i said before i blacked out.

I woke up on a couch and then remembered the full moon.i quickly got up and opened the curtains.not yet.i sighed in relief.i noticed this wasn't my house.i started looking around."your awake"i heard a voice say.i turned around and saw the curly haired boy."what are you?"i aske him."a vampire"he said."what are you?"he asked me."a werewolf"i said regretting it."your my mate"he said walking up to me.i backed up until my back was on the wall.He got close to my face and kissed me.i kissed back.he smiled.he stopped kissing me.i felt my teeth coming out.i looked out the window and there was a full moon."i got to go"i said."let me come with you"he said."no!"i yelled."why?"he asked."because on te full moon i turn into a wolf and i can't control myself!"i yelled.i ran out and ran until my claws were coming bones crack as they turn into wolf bones.i eyes turned yellow.The last thing i remember is me howling and then i blacked out.

i woke up on the same couch and got up.i felt my teeth still out.i ran to the nearest mirror and looked at teeth were sharp and they were like vampire teeth!.my eyes suddenly turned red.i screamed and accidentally dropping the mirror.The guy came in."what happened?"he asked me.i didn't look at his face because i didn't want him to see me like this."i didn't get your name"i said trying to change the subject."harry,you?"he said."Faith"i said.he came up to me and put his finger on my chin and lifted my face up and he saw my eyes and teeth."What happened to you?"he said."i don't know"i said tearing up."don't cry"he said.

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