Weird Yet Completely Insane

Marissa Tanglemire.Let me describe her in maybe confusing little sentences.
She's: Sweet yet bitchy.Smart yet stupid.Kind yet rude.Happy yet sad.Tired yet full of energy.Imaginative yet boring.Lazy yet hardworking.Girly yet tomboyish.Disgusting yet clean.Kinky yet innocent.American yet british.Friendly yet cold.Devilish yet angelic.Weird yet completely insane.(Warning,contains mature content)


2. Poor Guy

  I woke up in a place full of white fluffy things and whiteness......


The fluffy whiteness is a very torn pillow that is apparently fuffly to the point where my head can be hidden in it.I tried to get up,but the fluffiness wouldn't let me.A hand appeared in front of my face,a strong looking male hand.Allowing the hand to pull me,I noticed that we were in the school infirmary.The hand belonged to a really handsome guy.He has messy blonde hair and blue eyes,a smile so beautiful it is not possible for it to turn into a smirk.He is certainly not one of the boys who flaunt over me everyday.A blue tee hugs his slightly muscly body.I look away from him and get up from the bed.

My butt bone had to hurt.He caught me as I nearly gave the floor a kiss that would've been painful for both of us.My hand quickly pulled away from his.His smile turned into a slight frown.

"What's wrong?"His voice strong but gentle.

"Nothing.Why am I here?"

"You hit your head on the wall.I found you on the floor with a little pool of blood around your head."

My hand immediately shot up to my head.Sure enoughI found a bandaged wrapped around my head.I looked at my red Swatch.


"It's alredy so late!What are you still doing here?"

"I stayed to make sure you're ok.Faith and Trina stopped by.Alot of boys threathened kill me too but Mr. Steve asked me to stay until school finishes.I wanted to make sure the boys didnt come back to rape you so I stayed."

"You didn't do anything to me,did you?"As soon as I said that,I wanted to grab them out of the air before they entered his ears.This angel of a guy would never do that.But he just chuckled.

"Course not.Come on,let me walk you to your car."

"No need.I don't need a bodyguard."I walked out before he could protest.It's nice to have a guy who wants to protect me instead of get in my pants,but I can't put him through that much trouble.

I reached my red lambo with no one touching me.Looking back to see where the angel" has got to,I came face to face with him.

He pointed to a black car a few cars beside mine.Inside sat a few nerds who are staring at me with raping eyes."I told you I should walk you to your car."

I smiled at him,a genuine smile."Thanks.Want me to give you a ride or do you have a car?"

"Ah....Can you give me a ride to the nearest hotel?My parents are out and I'm supposed to stay at my friend's house."

"Shit! I'm so sorry I got you into this mess.You can stay at my place.Free of charge,a bathroom all to yourself,lockable room-door."

"Nah....It's ok.I don't want to trouble you..."

"Dont worry.I wont walk around the house naked.I dont smoke or do any drugs,and even I lock my room door."

"No I dont want to trouble you."

I motioned for him to get in with a slight nod.In a matter of minutes I stopped in the parking lot of a black,tall modern condo.Angel-boy frowned at me

"This is a condo.I dont want to trouble you."He said in a slighty whine of a voice.

I shook my head and walked towards the lifts.He sighed and started following me.

"So what's your name?"I asked in a curious voice.


"Typical."I muttered



Hey guys!!!!!!

Hope you like the chapter.Dont worry.Angel boy,Angelo wont do anything to her.

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Please tell me if I'm writing about life in an average American high school wrongly.'cause  the country Malaysia(The country where Dr. Jimmy Choo was born in.If you still dont know what I'm talking about,go c google) doesn't really have the same way of the bird flying experience you american guys have in your school.
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