Weird Yet Completely Insane

Marissa Tanglemire.Let me describe her in maybe confusing little sentences.
She's: Sweet yet bitchy.Smart yet stupid.Kind yet rude.Happy yet sad.Tired yet full of energy.Imaginative yet boring.Lazy yet hardworking.Girly yet tomboyish.Disgusting yet clean.Kinky yet innocent.American yet british.Friendly yet cold.Devilish yet angelic.Weird yet completely insane.(Warning,contains mature content)


5. Cheek

We arrived at the mall 10 minutes later. I parked my Lambo beside what I think is Faith's Volkswagen.Angelo just quiitely sat beside me,looking out the window with a slight blush in his cheeks.

Awww.So cute.

"Hey.Day-dreamin Angel Boy,we're here."

His blush deepened.Oooh,how I wanna pinch his cheeks so much!

We got out from the car and walked into the mall.You know those movies where a shop is being robbed and clueless people barge into into it?

Yeah.The mall was being robbed by an army of black...ninjas? And me and Angelo just walked in.Everyone,and I mean everyone's heads turned towards us.

Two ninjas stepped forward,ready to fight if me or Angelo attempted something.A booming voice rang out from the mall's announcement speakers.

"Do not move.You move and you die." I heard a gun click somewhere.If we move we die so me and Angelo just went rigid.

My eyes scanned the area.Some people were cornered in a Victoria Secret Boutique.A few boys who were cornered near the thongs had a slight glint in their eyes.I found my two bffs staring at us worriedly in a Starbucks outlet.The 'ninjas' were wearing full bodied black suits that covered eben their eyes.Something reflected the lights on their shoulders,I can only imagine those are extra chakras.

But no.They cant be.They're too small,they're about the size of a pin.Wait a minute,those guns are fake! They're the kind that little kids play with with little orange balls!

"Wait a minute,You guys arent robbers,murderers or any kinds of criminals."I shouted.Again,everyone's attention turned to me.Some were shaking they're heads abit with warning glints in their eyes.

"You guys are promoting the new movie,Black Men arent you?!" I probably sounded stupid,but to make it even worst,I started laughing.I didnt know what happened,but the people started to fight the now guilty looking 'ninjas'.I guess I'm right.

The booming voice was heard again."Calm your jets people! We need those actors alive!Everyone who was held captive,will receive two free gold-class tickets to the movie,Black Men.Please come to the customer service center to get your tickets."

Everyone stopped.It's a good thing me and Angelo were still standing at the entrance,cause the stampede of people rushing upstairs to either complain or collect their tickets would've killed an elephant.

After the herd had gone upstairs,my feet unglued from the ground and ran towards Starbucks to look for Faith and Trina.I found them seated at a coffee table,Faith calmly sipping her kinda squashed cup of Chocolate Frappucino and Trina typing wildly on her Galaxy Note.How Faith can be so calm after what happened?No one knows.

I sat down in front of an empty chair which was quickly taken by Angelo.Faith just stared at him with a frown on her face before turning to me.

"You guys going out?"

"No.I have nothing to do this weekend and I wanted to hang out with girls for a change."Angelo said quickly with a slight blush in his cheeks.

Trina looked up from her phone and turned to me,"He's not one of our daily dose of offers is he?"

"No.Angel boy took me to the infirmary when i fell and knocked my head."

"Angel boy eh?Should've asked Nathan to come for some guy company."She said smiling at Angelo.

"What's your name,Angel boy?"Faith asked.

"Angelo"Me and Angelo looked at each other.We had both said it at the same time.

Another one of his cute blushes crept up his cheeks and I cant help but smirk.

"Um...Do you want a drink?"He said getting up.

"I'll have a green tea frap with whipped cream.Trina?"I said

"Huh?Oh,I'm good.Thanks."She said getting back to her phone.Typical her.I'm gonna guess she's gonna give a blow by blow story of what happened just now.Probably would call me Sherlocka Holmes again.

Faith just stared at the table.

"Why so tense,Faith?"I asked.

Silence followed before she opened her mouth to reply.

"Ow!Dude!The FUCK is wrong with you man?!"

All three of us turned to look at the counter.

A jock shorter than Angelo stood in front of him holding his right eye.Angelo's back was towards us so we couldnt make out Angelo's expression.

The waitress manning the counter came back with two green tea fraps on a tray with a glare at the guy who yelled at Angelo.

Angelo took the tray and growled,"You better not think women as toys again or you will be sleeping with your mom for the rest of your life."

My mouth dropped open.How does an Angel Boy turn into a growling anti-man-whore hybrid guy in under a second?!

I stared at Angelo with wide eyes until he sat down in front of me.

"Angel boy,what happened?"I asked

"That guy asked how I scored you guys and whether he can borrow you guys sometime!"He growled.

I got up and hug him from the back,and kissed his head.Mmmm.Smells like oranges...

"Thank you Angelo.But calm down,we dont need a guy friend who growls at every guy he sees."

Faith and Trina who were staring at us curiously before bursted out laughing.

Angelo shook me off and looked at me,his cheeks red as hell.My friends laughing and his gorgeous blue eyes staring at me made me blush.

But I had to do the extra bit,I pinched his cheeks.It was soft and smooth and so cute.

My friends were laughing their asses off now and I doubt Angelo's Boy's cheeks can go any redder,so I blushed even more.



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