Must be love!

Nicole just recently moved to London in England. But she didn’t know that she would meet eyes with the one and only Harry Styles from boy band One Direction, let alone him fall for her.


2. Found Her


Harry’s P.O.V

I had to tell Louis about that girl. I mean I was love struck and intoxicated by her beauty and hotness. Well I’d tell the others too but considering I just came from Niall’s place it would be a bit strange going back up there especially if I run into her again.

Her-Hey weren’t you just you just up here

Me- Oh you know…. I just had to tell one of my best mates about this girl I ran into in the elevator and I’ve now fallen head over heels for her and her beauty.

No just No.

I walked back to my place which was only around the corner. I flopped myself on the couch and was half-heartedly watching TV when I found myself thinking about her. Should I ask her on a date? What will I do if she says ‘no’? All these questions were going through my head and I was getting so confused so I just fell asleep. I was waking up when I heard my phone buzz.

From Nialler:)  : Hey, callin’ all the boys ova 4 dina, comin?- Nialler

To Nialler:)  : Hey, yeah sure thing, be over in 10. – Haz

I raced upstairs to my room and found a pair of denim jeans and a blazer. “Hmm, that’ll do”, I thought to myself. I jumped in my car and drove to the Niall’s flat. I gave a small smile to the receptionist and made my way over to the elevator and hopped in. I pressed 30 and lit up. “Going up”, the voice inside said. I was humming ‘What you Makes you Beautiful’ when the elevator stopped on 26 then I heard a small weak voice. “Excuse me”, this little old lady says. “Oh, I’m sorry”, I reply. The elevator continued going up until it hit 30 and I was about to go out when a girl holding a map over her face coming in said “Excuse me, could you tell me where the closest grocery store is please?”. She took the map down and I saw her face. I couldn’t believe. She was the girl I bumped into at the elevator and kinda knocked down. And she was Australian. “Oh, um, well it’s about a 20 minute walk west but I can drive you there if you want?”, I replied. “Oh that would be lovely, thank you”, she replied smiling. I returned it and we hopped in the elevator taking a trip up then back down. I walked to my black Audi. I opened the passenger door for her and she hopped in while I raced around to the drivers side. “So um what’s your name?”, I asked her. “Oh Nicole Hathaway”, she replied. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. “I’m Harry, Harry Styles”, I said. “I know who you are”.


Nicole’s P.O.V

When we arrived at the store, it wasn’t busy but there were some teenage girls around so I knew this wasn’t going to be fun. We walked into the shop and just as I thought we were mobbed. I continued walking while he stopped to sign some autographs and take some pictures. When they were all gone, he caught up to me. His phone rang but I didn’t see who it was but after that we had a great time talking and laughing, him mainly laughing at me for not knowing what half of the foods were. When we got to the checkout Harry had to help me with the currency and stuff. I saw the checkout lady poke her chest out and wink at Harry, well that was lovely. The car ride back was pretty boring and quiet. We arrived at the hotel, walking past the receptionist, our hands brushing against each other and walking in the elevator. He pressed 30 and we arrived at my floor. I unlocked my door and turned around to face Harry. “If you need any help with anything, my friend Niall lives there”, he said pointing across the hall, “And here”, he handed me a piece of paper with his number on it. “Thanks”, I said. We said our goodbyes and I went straight to my room, got dressed and went straight to sleep! Today was a long day.

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