love is a war, a battle, a test (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Sara is an ordinary 16 yr old, she has a crush, best friends, and drama. but tradgety seems to follow her everywhere she goes once her guy best fried returns for 2 weeks. Niall has been having a reoccouring dream about a girl with strawberry blond hair but doesn't know what she looks like and every time he has this dream more information about her comes through. Sara also has been having these dreams about a guy with bright blond hair, she thinks it's a guy in her class, or is it someone else? will they find out who it is, or will it forever be a mystery.


2. The Incident

Hannah D.’s P.O.V.

BOOM, something just blew up, and at the Ag farm. Oh well. Wait a minute. Shit. Sarah’s there! And then I hear a loud ear piercing scream. Shit, shit, shit!! And I’m on the other side of the school at the canteen, I guess I have a lot of running to do. I run up to the gate of the farm and look back to see who else was following me as I ran up here and then I hear it… "Hannah!" Sarah, oh no! something’s wrong, terribly wrong, no worse, I can just tell something really, really, really bad and horrible has happened, cause she sounds like she’s been crying, a lot and I mean a lot and she never cries. She sounds like she’s in a lot of pain as well. I turn around and I was right she was stumbling towards me with blood shot eyes from crying, and cuts up her arm with blood pouring down them and seeping through her shirt, and blood stains on her torso and well the rest of her shirt, which was blue is now red, blood red, she has cuts in her cattle team jeans, and cuts on her legs where the uniform is torn and cuts on her face like she hit her head on glass and more blood pouring out of her head as well, the blood is mixing in with her strawberry blond hair and drying so her hair looks stiff and stained, it’s dripping down her face at a slow but heavy pace. She also has what looks like burn marks all across her, oh dear god please no, not Sarah, anyone but her, please! She walks up to me, still stumbling and staggering, and still crying, thank god there are more people are around to get help but they don’t move like they’ve never seen this before, like it’s foreign to them, they need to pull it together! Someone’s hurt for Christ sake! "Sarah! What happened? Are you ok? Who else was hurt? SOMEONE GET AN AMBULANCE! NOW!" I say as I look at the Ag farm, back at her and the people standing and observing and as I check that she’s ok, god I want to hug her but she might be in pain "It’s Jack, he was driving me and Lachie down the paddock at the Ag farm when we hit something that seemed like a huge concrete block and he lost control and swerved into the shed and it collapsed on us and I struggled to get out and cut my head when we crashed and cut my legs and arms while trying to climb out the window and finally got out, ran over to Jacks side, smashed the glass and pulled him out and pulled Lockie out of the back doing the same thing, I dragged them away from the shed and Ute and then the hay caught fire from the engine over heating and the truck Explodes…" so that’s what the boom was. "…and I just got here and they need help cause they aren’t responding! HELP ME PLEASE!" she says crying burring her hands in her face knowing that she may of lost two really important people in her life all at once and she is just to devastated to talk to anyone about it again, I realise that and so I think I may have to do it for her, maybe I won’t tell her I will but I’ll do it anyway. Finally some help arrive. The ambulance puts her in the back but I want to go with her so I tell them to wait so I can tell them where the others are, shit this is going to effect our holiday, I just know it. Now Lachie and Jack come back and are in different ambulances and Jacks friend Joel is in his ambulance and I think Sam’s in Lachie’s ambulance. Shit.

The hospital wait was the most terrifying thing I have ever encounted maybe ever. We all cried but I think that Joel and Sam had it more cause there mates weren’t conscious when the ambulance came and they have cried a lot but I think that Joel cried the worst cause he is so close to Jack that they are like brothers, they tell each other everything known to man about each other but they keep the acational secret so they have some privacy to themselves. Just then, about 20 minutes into the wait, Sarah’s mum walks in, Tracey. Sarah’s dad is probably under ground at the mine and won’t get the message until later. "Hannah! Is she alright?" she’d been crying to, maybe more. "I don’t know, they haven’t told us anything, but what I do know is that Sarah is conscious like when they came and got them. Although she did faint in the ambulance from the loss of blood. So need to worry about one less thing." God I sound like I’m in the old english times! But I had to say that quiet cause I didn’t want Joel and Sam to hear because they would only cry even more if I had let that happen. "so she’s fine?" Tracey says quietly as well. Then I explain to her what cuts, and burns she had and how she got them by saving her friends. Then she walks over to Sam and Joel and hugs them and they hug her back.

Half an hour into the wait Jacks mum and Lockie’s mum and dad walk in and so we fill them in on it to and then we all hug again and cry some more. Then the doctor comes in "Anyone here to see Sarah Hutchison?" we all stand up, even Joel and Sam, "follow me please, now she’s been in surgery to stitch up her head and arms and a small…" he makes out about 3 inches. "…section in her back." I knew it looked bad! "Is she ok? When will she be able to come out soon?" Tracey asks looking scared so I walk up to her and squeeze her hand and she does it back. "well we are going to keep her here overnight to observe her and then she should be fine tomorrow afternoon to come home." Tracey relaxes on my hand a little and I do the same. "she’s going to be ok." I whisper to Tracey. "I hope so." She whispers back. "what about the 2 other boys in the accident? Are they ok?" I ask. "yes they are fine a few stitches and they should be out the same time as Sarah maybe later depending when they wake up. Sarah should wake up in a few minutes give or take, she may wake up in a few hours depending on how long until the anesthetic wears off and if she wants to sleep after but you can go in and see her now." The doctor says pointing to her room and I think everyone else is relieved as well after the news they have just been told. We walk to the door not really wanting to go in and see her in this state, and then we see Sarah lying there unconscious and lifeless like. It brings me to tears seeing her like this. I just want her better now! Tears are now streaming down mine, Tracey’s and everyone else’s faces now. "Jack and Lockie, are in the same room as Sarah, I thought she’d want to know where they are when she wakes up cause she may get paranoid if there not there."

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