love is a war, a battle, a test (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Sara is an ordinary 16 yr old, she has a crush, best friends, and drama. but tradgety seems to follow her everywhere she goes once her guy best fried returns for 2 weeks. Niall has been having a reoccouring dream about a girl with strawberry blond hair but doesn't know what she looks like and every time he has this dream more information about her comes through. Sara also has been having these dreams about a guy with bright blond hair, she thinks it's a guy in her class, or is it someone else? will they find out who it is, or will it forever be a mystery.


5. the hospital

Sarah’s P.O.V.

I rang the bell for the nurse to come because my burns are really hurting and my back to.

"Are you ok Sarah?"

mum asked coming back in the room with my overnight bag over her shoulder and putting it on the ground next to dad.

"Yeah, my back and burns are hurting a lot."

Hannah was still there in the chair next to me holding my hand, still. My dad, Scott was in the other chair next to the bed and hasn’t said a word since he heard about the accident. Andrew, my brother, was sitting in the chair in front of my bed but was looking at Jack, who he was quite good friends with, he also looked like he might break down at the thought of losing one of his good friends. Jack and Lockie haven’t woken up yet and it’s been 2 days since the accident and every time there drip fluids needs changing I get so scared, like something has happened. They told me that I should of gotten out today but I need to be kept over night again for more observations or something like that, I think my wounds need to heal a bit more until I can go and then it can be safe for me to do stuff I’m guessing. The nurse finally came but there were 2 because Jack or Lockie’s drip went off again. One nurse came over to me with my clipboard from the end of my bed in her hands

"Is everything alright?"

she said worryingly

"yeah it’s just that my burns and back are hurting, a lot, they hurt more than they did when I woke up. Is that normal?"

she looked at me and said ‘hmm’ a lot before she answered

"No that’s not normal. I’ll just get the doctor."

She said looking down at the clipboard and back at me again.

"ok thank you."

And with that she was out the door again just as fast as she did when she came in. The nurse finished with one of the boys drips and pulled back all of the curtains so myself and everyone could see them, I haven’t seen them in 2 days. She also went over and opened the curtains to the window outside and it was very bright I tried to cover my eyes with my hands but it hurt to move so I put my hand down again and just turned my head to the other side, the same side as the boys. That brought me to tears. So I was crying again and Hannah squeezed my hand looking at me and said

"Don’t look Sar, it just makes things worse."

I turned to her, looking her in the eyes behind my tear filled ones

"but they look so lifeless over there, just lying there, not moving, motionless."

I turned my eyes away from hers and blinked the tear down. I wanted to get up and see them but that would cause me to much pain. Both physically and emotionally. The boys were hooked up to something’s different to me, like a heart monitor, because they were unconscious when they came into the hospital, which is what I was afraid of, because instead of the drip going off I thought that’s what was going off and there hearts stopped. Just then the doctor came into the room

"so your back and burns hurt a lot? Is that what you said to the nurse?"

I turn my head from the boys to meet the doctors eyes as Hannah handed me a tissue to whip the tears, I did so, very gently and delicately

"yes, that’s true."

I said after I finished wiping away the tears.

"ok well I will need to have a look at your back if that’s ok?"

I don’t want to move because I know it will hurt me, a lot, but I have to do as the doctor says so I say "yeah that’s fine."

She looked at me and said

"ok so can I get you to sit up for me?"

So I tried to sit up like she said. But I couldn’t move to far before pain sliced through my spine and I let out a little scream a quiet one though, because where in a hospital. And my eyes started to water let out a stray tear.

"ok nope, lie back down again dear. Maybe I could get you and you and you…"

she said Pointing to mum, dad and Hannah.

"… to help her up."

That was the most painful experience of my life right there. When they lifted my up pain sliced and tore through every section of my body. When they finally got me up I could see the boys more clearly and it was worse than it looked when I was sitting down. I started to cry again, both with pain that was caused by me sitting up and pain from looking at the boys who where lying flat, eyes closed and machines beeping at a steady pace from being connected to the boys arms and chests. The doctor started to undo the bandage around my stomach where the stitches on my back were and relief rushed through me. I didn’t realise how tight the bandage was until now. Well I didn’t really notice the pain I had in the first place, and I’m glad I didn’t because it really hurts. When the doctor was finished looking at my stitches in my back and put fresh bandages on it, she started to look at my burns, which spread across my chest, shoulder to shoulder. They felt like a hot branding iron, like they use to brand logos on horses and cattle etc. Was being pushed into my chest, constantly ‘branding’ me none stop as a big, blank, brand. She barely touched it and it was worse than sitting up and I winced at the pain and cried a little scream again.

"oh, sorry dear, I didn’t mean to hurt you."

She quickly removed her hand where from where it was,

"from just having my hands near your burns and only just slightly touching them, they are really hot."

She said with a big question mark face, trying to think of how to resolve this situation. She left the room to figure it out or to get what she needed to resolve my pain. It’s been about 10-20 minutes since she was in the room. By now the time is about 5:30 and dad took Aj (Andrew) home to have dinner later and get ready for school tomorrow but Hannah and mum stayed.

"Hannah, you know that you can go home? I’ll be fine, trust me."

I said looking at Hannah who was watching the TV and had the speaker next to her ear. She removed the speaker and looked a me and said

"No, I will stay with you, I’ll stay the night here again with your mum."

Why doesn’t she listen, I said that I would be fine, but it’s good that she wants to stay with me. It shows that she cares.

"Mum can drive you home if you want. I don’t care, really, it will be ok."

I said to her, hoping I have convinced her enough to go home, I don’t like it when she worries about me so much because she gets depressed.

"you haven’t been outside in 2 days, just go get yourself some dinner, at least, because you haven’t eaten all day."

She didn’t answer for what felt like forever but was probably just 2 minutes.

"Ok. I’ll go and get dinner. Do you want anything Tracey?"

she said looking at my mum who was obviously in a daydream siting in the chair next to the window staring out of it.

"huh? Oh yeah, I’ll go with you."

She said getting up off the chair and putting her coat on and grabbing her bag and looked at me and said "Are you going to be ok Sarah?"

I looked at her with my ‘what does it look like’ look, and said

"Yes mum don’t worry, remember when I cut open my knee? I stayed over night here even though I didn’t sleep much ‘cause I had to keep getting up and going to the toilet."

She had a small smile on her face remembering that my sleeping pattern was off for a week because I was up and asleep at every different time that it wasn’t the right times.

"Yeah, I remember. Ok then, Hannah and I will be a while, try to get some sleep, you look really tired."

She said stroking the side of my face. She only glanced at the boys and the small smile on her face disappeared knowing that that could have been me in that state. I knew what she was thinking.

"Mum, look at me. I’m awake aren’t I? Don’t worry about them, the doctor said that they should wake up some time soon, maybe tomorrow? Who knows? What matters is that there going to be ok. Go and get dinner and go home, I’ll stay here tonight, by myself. I’ll be fine, plus the boys might wake up, so I won’t be alone. Don’t worry, please."

She gave my hand a gentle squeeze knowing that it would of hurt if she squeezed any harder. Then walked over to the boys and stroked the side of Jacks face like she did mine. Jack was like another son of hers, mum is good friends with Jacks mum and they have known each other for years. Jack was only 2 when I was born and apparently I was his baby, not mum’s, so Jack and I have known each other since I was born. And then mum just looked at Lockie with sad eyes like she was helpless, then turned to Hannah and said

"Ready to go?"

spinning back around whipping the tears away

"yeah I am"

she said grabbing her coat, phone and keys.

"Are you sure you’re ok?"

does she listen?

"yes, for the thousandth time, yes!"

I said with the slightest of giggles. Mum now was smiling a bit along with Hannah who was leaning against the door way. When they left I started to drift off to sleep, getting deeper and deeper.

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