Chasing Cars - A Harry Styles love story

There's always a really hot guy at your high school you fall madly in love with. What type of complication does this cause when it's Harry Styles?


13. the Grape game

Chapter 13, the Grape game

I gave Harry my grey jumper so we could go inside the supermarket. He grabbed my hand and tugged me to the fruit section.

"Are we going to have a fruit fight?"

I asked, staring over the apples, pears and oranges.

"We're going to play the grape game."

I knitted my eyebrows together in a confused expression.

"The aim of the game is to eat as many grapes as you can before getting caught. The person who gets seen by a supermarket worker loses."

I laughed and shook my head.

"You're absolutely mad!"

"No you're the mad one! So, up for the game?"

"Yes, I'm gonna kick your ass!"

He narrowed his eyes and flashed an evil smile.

"Bring it honey."

We squished up against the grape piles so we would have less chance of someone spotting us.

"You go first."

He said, smiling. I rolled my eyes and placed a large pile of grapes in front of me.

"Ready, set... wait."

"Why didn't you say go? Argh, I was so syked!"

"I forgot to tell you that you're not allowed to swallow."

I glared at him.

"For real?"

He smirked evilly.

"Yep, rules of the game."

I groaned and faced back to the fruit aisles.

"Ready, set... go!"

I grabbed the bunch of purple circles and picked them off the vine at speed.

"Eat! eat!"

Harry yelled. I nudged him to keep quiet and took in the food one by one.

"One grape, two grape, three grape..."

He counted watching my every move, making sure I didn't swallow.

"No pressure."

He whispered huskily in my ear as he counted the grapes on his fingers.

A shopkeeper walked past, eyeing us with curious eyes. I turned around and smiled at him widely. My cheeks stuffed with grapes. Harry took in a deep breath, holding in his laugh. The shopkeeper shook his head at us weird teenagers and walked away. Harry broke into a laughing fit.


I attempted telling him to shut his gob but the grapes didn't allow me to talk.

"All I hear is humming babe."

I face-palmed and he continued counting.

"You're on thirty-two grapes. That's quite a bunch! Do you think you can take anymore?"

I opened my mouth a little but immediately closed due to the rushing of grapes to my lips.

"I don't think you can fit anymore in there. So you should swallow now."

I took a bite into the purple fruit, causing the juicy insides to burst. They tasted amazing. I swallowed and stuck my purple tongue out at Harry, showing him my empty mouth.

"Yay! You did it!"

He danced a little fanboy cheer before going serious again.

"But now, I must beat you."

He reached out for his first grape and took it in hand.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Harry dropped the grape and we turned around to the mysterious voice.

An angry looking security guard stood before us with his arms folded.


Harry yelled grabbing my arm and sprinting with me out the doors of the supermarket and into the mall.

We frantically scanned the room for an escape.


I followed him to the shopping trolleys and the two of us jumped into one together.

The security guard smashed the supermarket doors open and snarled when he spotted us.


Harry screamed. I pushed the the shopping cart and it broke from the chain, rolling down the steep walkway of the mall.


We yelled, warning shoppers who panics and jumped from our speeding trolleys pathway. I turned and my eyes widened at the sight of the security guard chasing after us.

"HARRY!" I shaked his arm rapidly and he spun round and saw the pursuing guard. A look of worry crossed his face as he turned to stare at me.

"When I say go jump out and run away from the mall as fast as you can."

I nodded and we stood up in the moving metal contraption.

"One, two, three, GO!"

We bent down for power before jumping out. Harry pulled me up and we raced out the mall doors and into the sunset.

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