Chasing Cars - A Harry Styles love story

There's always a really hot guy at your high school you fall madly in love with. What type of complication does this cause when it's Harry Styles?


18. Invisible

Chapter 18, Invisible

I grabbed my school bag and headed out the door, to another day of high school.

As I walked down the road getting wet by the rain I pulled out my cell phone and checked my messages with Harry.


Are you okay?

Text me when you can.

Sorry for being annoying...

Call me, okay?

Will you be at school?

Please answer.

Harry, I'm worried about you.

Just let me know if you're alright.

I mentally face palmed at my attached messages. Everything was going to be fine. I would see Harry at school and his Dad wouldn't be there. We would talk like normal and everything would be okay.

I was sure of it.

Despite of what happened last night I was excited to see Harry and have everything go back to normal. It was all going to be fine.

Rain drops slid down my hair strands as I stepped in puddles, awaiting my school arrival and encounter with Harry.

* * *

The heat of the school corridor warmed my cold arms that fearcley dripped with water. I opened my blue locker and grabbed my rugged school books. Remembering that this was the place I first met Harry, when he knocked me over and looked at me with his gorgeous green eyes, contrasting with his bouncy in-tact curls.

I thought he was perfect.

And that moment started it all. I took a step back almost too quickly before locking my locker.


My eyes closed as my head whacked to the floor.


A familiar voice apologised. I opened my eyes and blinked a few times, revealing a pair of green eyes leaning over me.


I squealed, jumping up excitedly. He stood up too, so we were inches away from each other.

His lips stayed neutral and his eyes showed no sparkle. His cheeks had lost their bubbly shade of colour and he looked emotionless as a vampire.

"Harry?" I asked, questioning his strange stance.

He stared at me for one more second before turning his back and walking away. No words mentioned.


I yelled down the hall to his back, catching a few stares from passing students.

He kept on walking, leaving my view, acting as if I was invisible,

and didn't even exist.

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