Chasing Cars - A Harry Styles love story

There's always a really hot guy at your high school you fall madly in love with. What type of complication does this cause when it's Harry Styles?


20. I Love You

Chapter 20, I Love You

Without turning back I jogged through the school corridor, passing the Janitors broom cupboard and my blue locker. The spot I first met Harry.  

My jog turned into a run as I fell into the cool fresh air of the outside, I darted from school grounds and ran in the direction towards the wide black concrete road.  

After ten minutes of running I reached the edge of the desserted highway and took my first step onto the rocky ground.  

My blue converse crushed against it, creating a streak of adrenalin jolt through my body.  

It pushed me to take a step forward, the decision cells in my brain started to fade out. The future a horror-movie to them.  

I launched my legs further forward, my arms still frozen locked next to my sides.  

I now stood in the middle of the road.  I felt my legs loose all control and power they had of holding my body up. They crumbled over causing me to fall down.  

My head whacked the hard surface which jolted my skull, I moaned and scrunched up my eyes in pain as more cells seemed to black out.  

When my mind caught back control I looked up above me, my view from lying on the cold hard road fuzzy.  

Grey, colourless clouds closed up the nice blue sky and covered each open patch. A roar of thunder echoed down on me as the rain came toppling onto my dwery face. The water was nice, refreshing. Maybe the last sweet feeling I would get before everything was over.

My hands froze to the road, like the devil was holding me down, preparing me for hell. I could feel the hatred in the air, the hatred of Harry, Gemma, Kate, and everyone who wanted me dead.

"Do it. Kill me already." I spat, hopelessly shaking attached to the floor.

I could feel the devils evil grin resting upon me, smirking while waiting for a car to run me over.

"Kill me."

For a busy highway, there were no cars. No sound. No life. It was like God was giving me a second chance, a chance to break free, survive, and start over.

But maybe I didn't want to start over?

A painful load of memories shot through my brain, making me cringe roughly. Vivid pictures and thoughts filled my mind. My past, calling me back to live in it. The moments of Harry and I laughing together, and the dimple he showed when he was genuinely happy. The time when he first kissed me in the janitors cupboard shirtless. And the way I felt when his lips were intertwined with mine.




If I stayed down here, chained by the devil to this rain filled floor all that would disappear.   

The perfect memories when we were happy, and didn't care about the outside world because we were in love.

I don't want to die. Not yet.  Because I still love him.

"Let me go!" 

I snapped at the invisible monster holding me down.

"I don't want this anymore! I've changed my mind! I want to live! Please!"

I cried out, twisting and turning my hands from the ghostly locks trapping me down.

"HELP!" I screamed out, crying in regret.

"HELP!!" I roared one last time, before bursting into tears and giving up. I closed my eyes and waited for death to approach.


My eyes snapped open and I turned my head round to see the most perfect sight ever to be seen.



I screeched out with all the power left inside me.

"JAS! JAS!!"

He sprinted down the roadwalk and closer to me, still quite a way away. His curls were dripping with rain and a life-threatening expression was plastered across his face.


A pair of bright car lights stole my attention, the sound of the wheels speeding towards me caused my nails to clench the surface I was laying on.


I screeched, showing him the bare horror of my voice.

I was going to die.

Harry saw the car and picked up his pace, running faster than I had ever seen anyone run. Like he was running for his reason to live. The vehicle grew closer, eating away my last seconds of life. I panicked and attempted breaking the gravity barrier hauling me down.


Harry yelled from approximately 10 meters away. He watched traumatically from the car to me, realising how short time he had. The vehicle was so close now, and I knew this was the end of the road for me. With Harry so close, I turned my head and gazed at him.

'I Love You' I mouthed, just as he did that day his Dad drove him away.

"NO!" He bellowed, tears raging out his eyes.

I gave him one last glance, before everything went black.

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