once in a lifetime

once upon a life time it's about Harry styles finding the girl of his dreams and being with the girl he loves and wants to be with forever and being with a little girl that he will help raise and soon the daughter will be his own to


7. the wedding plans

Well guys it looks we have to start helping Harry plan his wedding . You know what Louis you are exactly right it is time and it's never to late or to early to start planning. Harry says y'all can help me and start looking for decorations and a food caterer and me and Miranda will come up with a day and time to have our wedding.

Harry said well guys me and Gracie are going to go home now and y'all can come over there. Y'all can come whenever y'all get ready I will talk to Miranda when I get home and we will both decide when to have the wedding. The wedding reception would have to be after the wedding of course so if we had the wedding on a Friday morning , for example the reception would be right after the wedding. When Harry got home he called all of the boys and he each gave them there own tasks Niall was Harry's best man in the wedding . He also got to pick out all of the boys tuxes for the wedding. Zayn was in charge of making the food for the wedding reception and And Louis would help him serve it. Harry said that Liam could be his best man in the wedding also and Harry's other friends. Gracie is going to be a flower girl in the wedding. Harry's nephew will be the ring barrel and there will be other boys there will walk with Liam and Niall down the isle. Harry calls the other two boys and says I want all of y'all in the wedding as my best man and I will find some to cater the food for the reception.

I will start calling places now to see if I can hire someone that Make the food and someone who can serve it. Gracie come down stairs please for a minute , Gracie goes into the living room and sits down next to Harry and Harry asked her could she to some of her fiends houses and ask their parents could they help out in his wedding , so Gracie went to her friend Jessica's house and she told Jessica's mom about Harry styles wedding. So Jessica's mom said she would help out with the wedding planning and that her daughter Casey could be a flower girl along with Gracie in the wedding. Gracie told Jessica thank you for helping and that she was going to go to Laura's house and see if Kayla could be a flower girl in the wedding also . Harry said that him and Miranda at least want to have 4 flower girls in there wedding including Gracie .

Gracie knocked on Laura's door and said excuse me Kayla but can I ask you a very important question? Kayla said sure Gracie what is it and Gracie said well my mom and her boyfriend are engaged to be married . I was wondering if you would like to be a bridesmaid In my mom and her finances wedding. Kayla said sure and she said that Laura would love to be a flower girl in the wedding. Gracie said well thank you Kayla for your time an your help . Gracie went home and she told Harry that so far to flowers girls can be in the wedding and two bridesmaids and that she only needs to Ask to more people . That will be enough kids in the wedding and enough bridesmaids . Harry told Gracie that him and her mom agreed that this would be a small wedding so only family and friends and the parents and Can come that way that wedding won't have so many people and it won't be rachit. Harry told the boys that he wants to make Gracie and her mom feel wanted and he really loves them and he always will love them.

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