once in a lifetime

once upon a life time it's about Harry styles finding the girl of his dreams and being with the girl he loves and wants to be with forever and being with a little girl that he will help raise and soon the daughter will be his own to


2. The unexpected surprise

Mom can you get the door Gracie yells ! Sure Gracie I'll get it . Gracie moms opens The door and sees a cute charming boy ranging outside her door . So Gracie's mom saids excuse but who are you and the boy saids I'm from the band one direction and I am Harry styles and I came all the way from London just so I could surprise Gracie . Harry introduces himself says hi I'm Harry styles from one direction . Gracie's mom says hi I'm Miranda Gracie's mom and Harry says that's a nice name and it's beautiful then Harry says I'm int he charming one in he and and every loves me and my awesome hair . Miranda said Harry would you like to come inside and meet Gracie and Harry said yes I would love to . Harry walks inside and unfamiliar place and he sat down and then he went upstairs into Gracie's room. When Gracie saw that Harry styles was In her room , she freaked out and Harry hugged her and picked her up and spun her around like his princess . The Harry gave Gracie concert ticks to the 1st concert and a teddy bear with his signature . Then he asked Gracie's mom could he stay at there house and Miranda said yes so now he can see Gracie whenever he wants to and they can do whatever they want to together . Harry told Gracie that she was the cutest little girl that he had ever seen before and that she has good manners and that he likes nice girls like her and girls that make him laugh and can hold a conversation. Gracie felt so loved after Harry said that and she even have Harry a kiss on the cheek and Harry took Gracie to the park and they told Each other stories. Harry told Gracie a story about a princess and a pince and Harry was the prince . Gracie was his little princess . That's the end of chapter 2 I hope you like it comment on it this is Alexis :

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