once in a lifetime

once upon a life time it's about Harry styles finding the girl of his dreams and being with the girl he loves and wants to be with forever and being with a little girl that he will help raise and soon the daughter will be his own to


6. the boys

Harry and Gracie went to the mall. When they were there Harry met the other boys and Harry told them about his engagement to Miranda . They all said omg Harry I'm so happy for you and I hope that Miranda and Gracie will make you very happy and that they will always be with you. Every since I got here I have had the best time ever and I have spent lots of tike with Gracie and her mom. We are really becoming a wonderful family and I would do anything for them and if I had to choose I would die first instead of letting them die. I know they would be hurt .

That's how much I love them and I really just have to be there for them . Support them and show them that I can be a family man. I will provide for the family and we will do family things and have family game nights. The rest of the boys were like aw aw aw Harry you are so sweet and so down to earth thats what we love about you and we want you to be happy . We support your decision and we are glad that you have found the one that you love and the one you want to stay with forever .

Harry says I love Miranda and I want to make her and Gracie happy . I want to be the perfect husband Miranda wants me to be . I want to be the perfect father to Gracie and I want to make her happy and give her anything she wants . The boys said Harry we are so happy for you and we are glad that you found the women of or dreams . We hope that she will make you very happy , and we support your decision and we are glad that you are with Someone and not single anymore because it hurts all of us to see you with no one. I can't wait for your wedding tonight we should get all the girls together and taking them shopping and pamper them . We can give them whatever they want after all we are millionaires .

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