once in a lifetime

once upon a life time it's about Harry styles finding the girl of his dreams and being with the girl he loves and wants to be with forever and being with a little girl that he will help raise and soon the daughter will be his own to


3. little things3

Today is October 7 and today is a very special day. Gracie hears something strange in the kitchen and so she goes downstairs , she finds Harry styles in her kitchen , so she asks him what he is doing and Harry looks back at Gracie and says I am making breakfast for you and your mom . Gracie looks at Harry and she said with her sweet soft voice aw aw Harry that's so sweet of you but you really didn't have to do that for us my mom would've done that anyways . Gracie went upstairs to get her mom so she could eat breakfast with Gracie and Harry , so they all sat down at the table and ate Harry's delicious breakfast tighter . Harry didn't know what to talk about so he asked Gracie where was her dad and Gracie said that her dad died in a bad car accident on October 7 of last month on his way from work . Gracie tested up a little after she told Harry what happened to her dad . Then Harry asked Gracie's mom did her and Gracie's dad have a good relationship , Miranda said no because Gracie's dad was never around he was always with his girlfriend and that she had to raise Gracie all by herself , Harry already could feel that Miranda wasn't married and has never been married .

Miranda told Harry that she is 25 years old and Harry was like that's still young . That is a good thing that you are a young mom Miranda . Harry watched Miranda and Gracie eat there breakfast and when Gracie finished eating Harry told Gracie to get dressed and he took her to the movies so they could bond together . Then he told Gracie a secret . The big secret is that he wishes he could marry her mom and that means Harry styles would be Gracie's father . So Gracie would have two dads Harry and her other dad , so Harry asked Gracie how would she feel about that and Gracie said that she would love for Harry styles to be her dad also cause she would kinda be famous herself .

Harry looked at Gracie and was proud and glad that she would be glad to have another dad . So Harry told Gracie that he would talk to her mom , and that they would work something out . Gracie and Harry went back to Gracie's house and Harry told Gracie to go in her room and then Harry and Miranda talked and Miranda told Harry that she would be glad to have Harry move in with her and Gracie . So Harry said he has to get his bags and stuff from London and get situated and then he will move in with them.

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