Falling hard

A girl by the name of Yuna, moon, finds herself falling hard for a love she didn't want in the first place. She actually tried to stay clear of Harry Styles cause she thought he was such a bad kid. She wanted to only focus on her grades and her final exam to study for since she is in college. She tries to ignore Harry but is he really all that bad as he looks. Is there a sweet side to him at all? Or isn't there? Find out by ready this (Harry fan-fiction) right now!!!


2. The bad boy

Yuna POV

       when I went to my first class, algebra. I saw that boy there, Harry. Just great, I hope he isn't too distracting. Of course I have to sit next to him to. I walked over to my seat and sat down. Harry puts his legs and feet/ shoes up on his desk, how in polite. The teacher glares at him but all he does is shrug his shoulders playing dumb, then everyone laughed. Then Harry grinned and raised his hand as if he was telling fans to ok you can be quiet now under my command. That jerk off thinks he's all that. He's all talk, be gets straight f 's while I get straight A's. he drives me nuts. Then all the sudden when Harry saw I wasn't laughing wih him or even looking at him he got my attention and gazed into my eyes. I laughed at him and said, "other snotty girls may want you, but I don't." Be had a shocked look on his face then the whole class including me went back to work. I could feel Harry staring at me though. His glare was pressuring me, I don't like this feeling at all. The bell finally rang and I stood straight up gathered my stuff and sped walked right out of class and headed for my next one which was study hall. I got to class and you wouldn't fucking believe who was sitting behind me, DAMN HARRY!!! Ugh just great, another distraction for my studying. I got into my seat and Harry tapped on my shoulder. I looked behind me and asked meanly, "what do you want?" Be then Laughs and says,  "we'll sorry mam." I glared at him and he did the same thing mocking me. We are now enemy's, I want nothing to do with Harry, ever! I heard his mom is so nice but he just came out wrong. I opened my book and started to study. He kept getting really close to me and I could feel him watching what I was doing. He then asks, "is that all you do?" I turned to him, glared, and said, "we'll sorry I actually care about my grades." He smirked which drove me nuts. He thinks he is so better than everyone else. 

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