Falling hard

A girl by the name of Yuna, moon, finds herself falling hard for a love she didn't want in the first place. She actually tried to stay clear of Harry Styles cause she thought he was such a bad kid. She wanted to only focus on her grades and her final exam to study for since she is in college. She tries to ignore Harry but is he really all that bad as he looks. Is there a sweet side to him at all? Or isn't there? Find out by ready this (Harry fan-fiction) right now!!!


8. I wish

Yuna POV

       I can't say I'm not jealous cause I am. I wish Harry and I were doing that stuff, like making out, him kissing me goodbye, him tell me he loves me. But I have to focus on my grades and plus now he has a slut girlfriend.

Harry POV

     I really didn't think this trough. Now that I'm pretending I'm with Rinoa and kissing her in front of Yuna and all. How am I supposed to tell if she really is jealous. And if she is she it's not like she is just gonna walk up to me and tell me. Ugh now what am I gonna do!  As I'm thinking this Rinoa walks up to me and I see Yuna sitting in a chair behind us in class. Rinoa tries to kiss me but I back away. She then asks, "what's wrong babe?" I then take a deep breath and say, "listen Rinoa. I only started dating you to make Yuna jealous and I hoped she would like me again and that me and her would go out, I guess it didn't work. I'm sorry Rinoa I just don't like you that way." I left the class and went to my dorm. I didn't care if I was skipping I saw Yuna looking at me and listening to everything I was saying, I couldn't bare to look at her. 

Yuna POV 

     Listening to Harry say those things makes me want to cry. I feel bad for telling him no. I should've said yes but all the sudden the bell rings and somebody covers my eyes, pulls me out of school, and takes me into the back. It was Rinoa, she then says, "listen Yuna I hate you so I'm gonna make sure you'll never get Harry!"  She pulls out a pocket knife and I can see my life flash before my eyes as she puts it to my neck. I see Harry, our first kiss, how I thought he was a jerk before but then I realize he's not and I see our second kiss which will be our last. I close my eyes as I get ready for the pain to strike and then I hear a punch! But I don't feel any pain anymore, did Harry save me?! I open my eyes quickly and it wasn't Harry, it was the police. They must of saw something over here, thank god they came just in time, although I was disappointed it wasn't Harry who has saved me. A police officer grabbed my hand and to the ambulance which was parked in the college parking lot. Everybody was released from classes early since of what happened. The police asked me questions and asked if I was ok. I nodded my head. Then they went to talk to a teacher. I closed my eyes and stood up. My eyes were closed as I was trying to take deep breathes since I was still shaky from what have happened. But then someone hugged me. Who is it? I can tell its a male do to how strong the hug is. Is it Harry? I then whisper, "Harry?" He then whispers, "yes?" I whisper back, "I'm glad it's you." He whispers back, " I'm glad I'm here with you to and not some other girl." I smile and I can tell he is to. I can now officially say I have falling in love with this boy, and I'm falling hard.

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