Falling hard

A girl by the name of Yuna, moon, finds herself falling hard for a love she didn't want in the first place. She actually tried to stay clear of Harry Styles cause she thought he was such a bad kid. She wanted to only focus on her grades and her final exam to study for since she is in college. She tries to ignore Harry but is he really all that bad as he looks. Is there a sweet side to him at all? Or isn't there? Find out by ready this (Harry fan-fiction) right now!!!


9. Dream come true

Yuna POV

     Harry and I stay in that position hugging each other. His body is so warm you have no idea. We finally let each other go and I smile looking at the ground blushing cause of how embarrassed I am. I'm blushing cause he is looking directly into my eyes, gazing at them. His beautiful hazel eyes looking into my brown eyes. Nothing could be better. I wanted to be Rinoa when she was kissing him and when they were dating, well pretend dating. Now my wish came true, I'm with Harry styles. The police let me go back to my dorm and Harry comes with me. We sit on the couch very close to eachother. He then says, "Yuna I know we don't know everything about eachother so let me tell you this. I know that you know I'm in a band called one direction. But you don't know who my mates are." I nod my head as he says this. Then I say all excited, "well let's invited them over!!!" He smiles and nods his head as he dials the numbers into his cell phone. He eventually hangs up after a while and says, "yup they're all coming!" I smile and I'm really excited to meet them! I wonder what they are like? I know they go to the same college as me and Harry but I just don't have any classes as them. A knock eventually comes at the door and Harry answers it. A boy enters the room quickly yelling, "NO JIMMY PROTESTANT!!!" I tilted my head in confuse net but I'm guessing this one likes to be funny. Three other boys enter to. Harry makes them all line up and explains them to me,  "so Yuna this one that ran in here like a idiot is Louis Tomlinson, he is pretty funny and sarcastic and is very free willed. This one is Niall Horan, he is somewhat of a gentleman that thinks everything is just wonderful and awesome. This on is Liam Payne, he is pretty smart who will tell you anything, but he can keep secrets pretty well. And last but not least this is Zayn Malik, he is engaged right now with Perrie, he is known as the bad boy who loves going to different places all the time, he also hates staying still. Oh and did I mention that Louis always loses to the silent game." I started laughing and Louis just said all sassy like, "well young lady I'll come over there right now and your not gonna like it when I do." Then he snapped his fingers in a z formation and I started laughing I almost fell. I feel like these boys are already my best friends! I shakes their hands and then Louis asks me, "so are you and Harry dating?" I look at the ground unsure, are we? He hasn't really asked me to officially be his girlfriend. Harry walks over to me and grabs my hand and asks, "Yuna will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled and my entire face turned red as I said, "of course." Then Louis just says, "well that answers that doesn't it." 



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