The Other Sister

Jasmine Everdeen; the most perfect teenage girl that there is. She is the nicest, smartest, funniest and prettiest girl you could ever met. Everybody knows her.
But everything seems the opposite for her new stepsister, Eva. Will Eva's troublesome past effect her with love, new family, friends..?


2. What If's

I stood there staring at the girl- I mean Eva. She was so different than me. She is rude, and mean. Not to mention how she dresses, and that hole in her nose-who would want a piercing there anyways? I try to see if I can see any tattoos but I can't because she has a sweater on. I can't see how she's related to Maya- her mom looks different, talks different, and acts different.

"Come inside Eva and Jas" Maya's mom said. Jas? She never calls me that, nobody does.

"Jas? Really mom?" Eva laughed as she walked in.

"I meant to say Jasmine" Maya smiled at me.

I walked in right behind Eva. I still couldn't stop staring at her- I never met somebody who looked like that; all my friends are normal, like me. Don't get me wrong but I'm not this judge mental, I just never seen people of her kind--I mean like her.

"Hi Eva, my name is David" my dad greeted her.
"Hi David." She smiled as she shook my dads hand. Wow, she smiles? I thought emo's ever smile. Is she emo...? Whatever, she's just...different.

"It very nice to meet you Eva." My dad didn't seem as shocked to see her appearance as I was. Why is that? 

"Dad can we speak for a bit..?" I said looking back at him and Eva. He nodded and kissed Maya on the cheek before following me.

"Dad?! What the? I thought she was young!" I whispered yelled.
"She is young, she's 16, like you" he defended her.
"Look at her! She's so not normal" I whispered.

"Look, be nice. She hasn't had it easy"
"I thought you didn't know anything about her"
"Jasmine I don't, Maya told me she had trouble and-"
"And what dad?" I raised me voice to a normal tone.

"And I trust Maya. Just get to know her." My dad said.

I sighed," and how am I suppose to? I'm busy everyday with school,homework, cheerleading, and I always hang out with my friends" I asked him.

"She's going to the same school as you starting this Monday, and take her to meet your friends and to your cheerleading practices" he said grabbing two cups.

She going to my school and meet my friends!?

"Jasmine what is with you?" He pours the cups full of water.

"Nothing it's just that we..we started off wrong and I don't want her to meet them. What if she tries to steal my boyfriend?" I ask.

"Who Harry?"
"Yes dad Harry, what if she likes him"
"Harry wouldn't do that. Just..give her a chance" my dad said before leaving the kitchen with the cups. 


I walked back to the living with the rest. Maya and Eva thank them for the water and they decide to watch tv. They invite me to join but I thought I had enough of spending time with Eva. I walked back to my room and called Harry.

"Hi love" Harry greets me in his British accent.
"Hi Harry" I sigh
"Did you meet her?" He says, recurring to Eva.
"And what is she like? Is she like 9 or what?" he laughs at my short answer. I tell him about the entire thing; about how I woke up and saw her. I told him that she was completely different and was rude. He stayed completely quiet as he listened. I told him about her coming to our school and her gonna hang out with us. I decide I had enough talking about her and ask him of his Saturday was so far. He tells me how he fell out if bed and how he had the weirdest dream about a giraffe chasing him. We finally get the conversation to an end and exchange "I love you's".

I stay in my room the rest of the day thinking of how my friends will react to her, and how she will act towards them. I just can't believe that I'll soon be her stepsister. I just can't picture my life with her in it.

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