The Other Sister

Jasmine Everdeen; the most perfect teenage girl that there is. She is the nicest, smartest, funniest and prettiest girl you could ever met. Everybody knows her.
But everything seems the opposite for her new stepsister, Eva. Will Eva's troublesome past effect her with love, new family, friends..?


4. Eva's First Day

Monday Morning~*

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm. When I dragged myself towards the bathroom I remembered that today Eva will be coming to school with me. I don't like her, well I don't know. She's so opposite from me. I'm nice and polite to others, she's doesn't; I don't dress in like her. I wear moderately normal clothes, she wears all dark colors. I guess it's just the first impression she gave, she just doesn't compare at all to me. As I walked out of the shower I heard my father call after me from downstairs.

"What?" I yell.

"Eva's gonna be here in a bit" but it's still early.

"it's too early, I have to meet up with my friends" I explained.

"Take her with you" really dad? Really?

"Yea whatever" I yell back.

I quickly get dressed and walk over towards my dresser to aply my makeup when my phone rang. Harry. 

"Hello?" I say putting it on speaker. He explained to me why he couldn't be at his house then I soon explained how I couldn't go and how his mother answered. He also told me that he had left his phone at home, thus his mom answering. As I started placing on eyeshadow he started speaking about how Eva was and how he pictured her personally. He seemed to be nervous talking about her. I assumed it was for the reason how I explained her to him. The phone conversation soon came to an end and so did my morning routine. 

I walked downstairs and was surprised to see a certain Eva sitting on my couch. She wore  a white tshirt with the saying "Cool Kids Don't Dance" and a pair of dark purple jeans. Her hair is straightened but still in the same style as yesterday's.


"Hi Jasmine" wow she actually said hi?

"Hi Eva"

"ready to go?" I asked; she nodded in reply. I said bye to my dad and we walked out my house.

"So how far is this school anyway?" She asked looking up at the sky.

"10 or 15 minutes" I answer. We start walking towards the mcdonalds near the school. She seems confused but she doesn't ask any questions. McDonald's I'd usually the place where I met up with my friends; Niall, Diana, Liam and of course my Harry. When we walk in I immediately run up towards Harry as he hugs me.

"I missed you babe" he says before planting a small kiss on my lips. 

When I turn around I notice that Eva stopped at the doors with her phone pressed against her ear. Maybe she had a call?

"Hi Jasmine"  Niall greets me. He has blonde hair but he's a actual brunette. He's Irish and of course has an Irish accent. I've known Niall for quiet a while, Harry hand introduced me to him.

"Hey" Diana says as she hugs me. I smile back towards her before saying hi to Liam. Diana is Liam new girlfriend, they started dating a few weeks ago. I know Liam simply because we have classes together and not mention that he lives a couple houses down from me. Everybody seems to stare at Eva; the same way as I did. I explain to them that she is Eva, at first they didn't believe me but after a quick explanation they were all on the same page as I am.

"Sorry I had to take that call" Eva says as she joins the small group. She starts to glance at Harry, then Diana, Liam and Niall. She seems to have locked eyes with Niall as Niall seems to not stare at her. She quickly looks at me and I introduce her to them. She greets everybody with a simple "hi" or "hey" but smiles at Niall. Niall contiues to stare at her. He finds her weird, and different as I do; I assume. I explain to Eva the reason for why we came here. Soon after explaining, we all walk to the school. I notice Niall glancing towards Eva every couple seconds. I'm worried what he thinks of her; Niall is the type of guy who says what is on his mind even though he looks like the shy type.


"She's...different" Harry whispers in my ear. I nod in reply. Diana brakes the ice as she starts speaking about her babysitting all weekend. I glance towards Eva and she seems to care less of Diana's story but she doesn't say a word. Eva stays behind me and Harry as we lead the group.


I can already tell that this will be awkward.

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