The Other Sister

Jasmine Everdeen; the most perfect teenage girl that there is. She is the nicest, smartest, funniest and prettiest girl you could ever met. Everybody knows her.
But everything seems the opposite for her new stepsister, Eva. Will Eva's troublesome past effect her with love, new family, friends..?


3. Change of Plans


I woke up and did my morning routine;shower dressed breakfast and go over Harry's.

At the exact same moment my hand came in contact with the door knob, my father comes up to me.

"Where are you going?" He asks.
I'm going over Harry's house,duh, "Harry's home" I answer.

"We are gonna spend time with the girls today" girls?
"Girls? What girls- wait it's not"
"Yes, Maya and Eva" he answers.

I tell him I wanted to spend time with Harry but he wouldn't let me go. No matter how many times I begged he wouldn't let it go my way. I wish he wouldn't be so bossy, but then again he's my father- I have to respect him.

"Fine." I say before going back upstairs. I call Harry to tell him I wouldn't be coming over and his mother answered. She told me that he went to babysit one of his cousins.

"I'll be waiting in the car" my dad says behind my door.
"Why? Where are we going?" 
"Picking up the girls" he answers before going out the door. 

"Frick" I mumble to myself. I'm not allowed to curse, so I don't, I never did or will. I unplug my phone from the charger and walk out the door.

|| 12 Minutes Later ||

We pull up to a one story house. It's a faded-white colored house with two trees in the front lawn. It look nice, but it could have a bit more flowers in my opinion. Maya and Eva greet us while getting into our car.

"Hi Eva" I smile.
"Hey" she says without making eye contact. She's wearing a black shirt that reads 'Paramore' in cursive white letters, with pink faded flowers around the word. Well, she has good taste in bands. She also has a pair of black shorts on with white toms. Big bracelets wrap around her arm, and her hair looks to be the same as yesterday.

"Where are we going?" She asks looking through the window.

"To the movies Eva" my dad answers. Her face lights up as she turns around to face him through the small mirror in the front.

"What movie do you wanna watch?" My dad asks.

"Warm Bodies" I answer
"Evil Dead" says Eva.

We shoot a look at each other trying to confirm we want to there movies we each chose.

"Ev we already talked about this" her mom says,"let them choose" she finishes.

Eva rolls her eyes and sighs as she says ok. After my dad and Maya talk to themselves they choose for us to go eat instead of watching movies. They could've said that before.

"Eva do you like Olive Garden?" My dad asks her.
"Yes" she answers. Well she gots good taste in food too. But I barely know her so it doesn't change what I think about her.

|| At Olive Garden ||

We have already ordered and we start talking about Maya and my dad thoughts of the wedding. Eva and I stay quite and mostly pay attention to our phones.

"Ok enough if the plans honey," Maya kisses my dad in the cheek," let the girls talk." I pick up my head and a smile spreads my face as I hear the words 'girls' and 'talk' in the same sentence.

"Jasmine tell Eva what you guys are gonna do on Monday when she goes to school" my dad suggested.

I think for a moment and then finally speak.
"Well we are gonna go to our classes-"
"Do we have the same classes?" Eva asked.

"I don't know. Anyways after school were gonna go hang out with my friends and you get to meet them for the first time"

"I thought it was gonna be the 100th time I met them" she says sarcastically. Everybody laughs except me.

"Well yea-" I say before getting cut off by the waitress handing our food.

We ate as Maya and my dad continued to talk about the wedding. It sounded great to me. When turned to face Eva I find her with earphones in her ear. 'Great attention Eva' I think to myself.

We ignore each other and we go our separate ways afterwards. She seems ok but I just don't trust her. To me, I would avoid her from the very beginning if it wasn't for her being the daughter if Maya-again, how are they related?

I want to ask her so many questions but I don't feel comfortable talking to her. I want to know what made her choose her to look like that, and what was all the trouble that supposedly was in her past..?

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