The Flowers

Spohie is a small-town girl attending her 4th year of college at age 21. The year starts normal, with crushes, bestfriends, and simple girl drama. But then, the notes start coming. Calls from a mystery number fill the answering machine. Flowers are left by the door. But who could be leaving these gifts? At first they seemed harmless, but now her boyfriend is being targeted. Even her ex has been involved. The cute "I <3 you" notes turn violent, and no one can figure out who the stalker is.

Roses are red, violets are blue. You can't see me, but I can see you...


3. Happy Birthday

     The next morning, I woke up to a beautiful song. It was Ilia, playing her silver flute. It started out soft and slow, reminding me of the dawn. Then the pace picked up and it somehow turned into the Song of Storms from one of my favorite video games, Ocarina of Time. I sat up and smelled breakfast cooking. Scrambled eggs and bacon mixed together in a wonderful aroma. Her eyes were closed as she played, so I snuck into the nightstand and pulled out my ocarina. I counted the beats in my head and joined her in song. When she heard me, she opened one of her eyes and smiled. Well, as best she could while playing her flute. I led her into Zelda's Lullaby and into the Song of Healing. We were perfectly synchronized, even though we didn't plan it at all. That's Ilia for you. Closer than a best friend. Hell, even closer than a sister! By the time we finished, we were both smiling. I gave her a tight hug.

    "Happy birthday," she whispered. I pulled back after a few moments, still smiling. I just couldn't get that stupid grin off of my face.

    "Thanks, Ilia. I couldn't ask for anything more. I love you!" I exclaimed.

    "Love you, too, girl! Who's your best friend?!" she asked.

    "You are!" We hugged again. "We are such nerds....Hey, do you smell that? It smells like something's burning."

    "What? Oh, I smell it.....SHIT! THE EGGS!" She dashed away into the kitchen, shutting off the smoke alarm before it went off. I just laughed and walked to the open window, letting the cool breeze blow through my hair. I leaned on the sill with my elbows, taking a deep breath. The scent of freshly cut grass filled my lungs while the morning rays warmed me. Today was off to a great start.

    "Brrrow?" Louise, the stray cat that roamed the campus, jumped on the window sill and started to purr. She rubbed against my hands and meowed, eventually laying on her back for a belly rub. Her fluffy white fur seemed cleaner than usual, like someone had given her a bath. How nice. I played with her until Ilia finally called me into the kitchen. Louise followed me, still purring happily. It seemed like everyone was in a good mood.

     "Did the eggs survive?" I teased, wrapping my arms around me. Ilia gave me an annoyed look, "Yes, they did." I sat at the table, laughing. Louise jumped up and lay down on her back, stretching. Ilia brought over two plates, packed with scrambled eggs, toast, tomatoes, and pancakes with two glasses of orange juice. "Bon appetit!" Ilia set down the food and we started to dig in. Louise tried to steal a little nibble from our plates, but she was shooed away. Defeated, she finally sat at the end of the table, glaring through the kitchen door.

    "Mmm...This is good!" I said through a mouthful. "Did you make this all yourself?"

    "No, I had Elsa come over to help, she made the pancakes and I did the rest. By the way, she said 'Happy birthday.'" Right then, the phone rang. I started to get up, but Ilia insisted she get it. I watched her through the kitchen door, keeping an eye on Louise to make sure she didn't sneak a bite. Louise was still staring at the phone. She rose and hissed, growling loudly.

    "Hello? Hello? Who is this...? Douche," Ilia hung up and brought it to the kitchen.

    "Who was it?" I asked.

    "I don't know, they just breathed into the phone like some creeper." I felt my stomach sink a little. The phone rang again. Ilia answered it.

    "Hello? ....Why? Don't yell at me, you little bitch! Fuck you!" Ilia hung up and yelled, "Assholes, I swear! They ruin everything!"

    "What did they want?" Before I could get an answer, the phone rang again. "Let me get it," I said.

    "Go ahead," she sighed, clearly exasperated. Ilia is hard to anger, but whoever it was certainly pushed the right buttons. "I'm going to the bathroom," she finally said.

     As she stalked off, red in the face, mouthing cuss words, I answered the phone, "Hello?"

    "Sophie, how nice of you to answer, instead of that annoying bitch you call a friend. Remind me why you like her?" The voice was obviously filtered.

    "Who is this?" I asked

    "That's not important now, but you'll find out soon enough..." The reply sent chills down my spine. I could imagine this as a black-and-white movie, with creepy music and lightning in the window, setting the mood in the special way that just makes your brain go "Fuck!"

    "I called in to say hello to the special birthday girl, and to offer a present," he said. "I've been...admiring you from a distance for far too long. It's high time that we meet. I--"

     I cut him off right there. "So you're the one who left the flower," I said, trying to replace the fear in my voice with anger.

    "Yes, that was me," he was completely unfazed by the steel edge in my tone. It's as if he knows I'm bluffing. "I want you to meet me for a special birthday-dinner--tonight-- at in the woods by the campus. Meet me by the tennis courts and I'll lead you to our picnic. I have all of your favorites..." This time, I really was angry. How dare he think that I would ditch my boyfriend for anyone? Even if I don't take it serious? And especially someone I've never met! Or, at least, I hope I haven't, I thought. Either way, I was still furious.

    "Listen! I don't know who you think you fucking are, but stop stalking me! Just leave me al--" He hung up. He fucking hung up. Now I was really angry.


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