Love Me

I have been raped and abused by my father. I just need someone. Someone. To Love Me. Care for me. Help me along the way. Just. One. Person. Louis comes into my life and we got to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Time passes and we get engaged and I become pregnant. That's as far as I've gotten.


19. Welcome, Tom! ~Explicit~

Today i arrive at the airport. I call a taxi over, and tell him whereI want to go. When we get to the hotel, I smash his head on the wheel and dashboard. I go up to their room and knock.

Samantha's POV

We got to relax after a fun day with interviewing and we relaxed by watching a movie on the couch in the living room. Then we suddenly hear a knock on the door, Harry goes to get the door. Then I see him. "L-L-Louis, I-It's To-To-Tom!" I say quietly. "Oh, so this is the son of a bitch? Huh?!" Louis says, "well, hello, slut!" He says to me. "Hey! She's nota slut!" Says Louis defendingme. Tom had something I saw at the last second before he cut me on my whole leg and a little of my neck, A MACHETE. "GET AWAY, TOM! STAY AWAY FROM LOUIS!!!" I yelled at him, and he got near Louis. "Oh, is this your toy?" He said with the machete on his neck, "He's not a toy, he's my best boyfriend, now get away from him." I said. Zayn tackled him and Tom cut a little off Louis' neck. Tom pushed Zayn off without cutting him. And got close to Louis and stabbed him in his leg, he dragged the machete down to his ankle. It didn't look that deep though, I JUST HATE MYSELF FOR GIVING LOUIS ALL THIS TROUBLE AND TOM. I DIDN'T WANT LOUIS TO GET INJURED, AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED. When we were fighting Tom, Liam called the cops. So they ran in and handcuffed Tom. I lie on the floor and tell for an ambulance. Two stretchers come in and get us to the truck right away. I blacked out after that from lossofblood.

Harry's POV

I jumped into the truck and went to the hospital, I just looked at their bodies thinking, look at this, my best friends are dying right in front of my eyes, this is not Samantha's fault or Louis' fault, it's Tom's fault. We finally got to the hospital and I walked with the stretchers, a nurse came in and asked what happened, I replied with "ummmm... Uhh.. I really don't know," "are they injured badly?" She asks, "yes." I say. "SURGERY!! TWO HERE!" She yells. They take them away and I start crying. I call Paul and tell him to cancel, "heeeyyy... Paul, Umm... We need to cancel the show." "Why?" "It's because... Ummm... Why don't you come look here... At the hospital..." "Harry, why are you at the hospital?!" "Just come." "Ok, I'll be over in a few." I hung up. I sat outside of the surgery room. The boys came as fast as they can too.

*After Surgery*

The nurse came in and told us good news and bad news, "ok, I have good news and bad news," "OK, WE'VE BEEN WAITING ALL NIGHT!" Says Zayn. She just looks at him. "Well... The good news is, they survived, the bad news is, Samantha is in a coma and Louis can't perform for a month." "Oh, great! Now what are we gonna do?! We're gonna have to cancel 1/3 of the tour! This is perfect!" Sighed Paul. They let us into their rooms. I went to Samantha's first. I just stared intoher brown eyes. She looked to pretty, HARRY! YOU CANT LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND'S GIRL! STOP!

I go into Louis' room and he's talking to Niall and Paul, "yeah, I have stitches on my neck." He says pointing to them. "And I have stitches on my leg and I have a cast." He shows them. "Hey buddy!" I interrupt, "Samantha is in a coma, I don't know if you can or want to see her, but she's in there." "Ok, I'll need help though," he says.

Louis' POV

I see her sleeping in her coma, I doubt she'll wake up now. I ask for a moment alone and talk. "I miss you! Can you come back though? I really love you and I miss you really bad, when you come back, I'll take you somewhere special and you'll kiss me, then we'll finish tour and years later, we'll get married. We'll have babies and rock them on our porch. We'll take them to school and, they'll get older. They'll go to college and meet people and they'll have babies and get married, then we'll be grandparents, and we will die soon and we'll still love each other, just not now. Don't die, Come back! I love you," I say as I start crying and kiss her lips.

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