Love Me

I have been raped and abused by my father. I just need someone. Someone. To Love Me. Care for me. Help me along the way. Just. One. Person. Louis comes into my life and we got to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Time passes and we get engaged and I become pregnant. That's as far as I've gotten.


10. Frosting and Fluffy Cats

After class, at two, I came home to Louis there. "Missed You." He says. "Missed you too!" I say going to my room and throwing my bag on the floor. I go see Belle on the floor waiting for me. I start to pet her as she starts purring. "Ahh, my two princesses!" Louis says with a sigh as he walks into my room. We chatted up in my room. I know that he is 21 and he is famous an that 1/5 of the girls in the world want to marry him. And that he loves me dearly. I ask him if he's hungry and I go to make some Cinnamon Rolls. I take the frozen dough and put it on the pan thing. I stick it into the oven and wait. Then, Louis walks in. He takes the frosting packet, opens it, and puts some on his finger and licks it. "That's nasty!" I say. "Oh yeah? Watch this!" He says as he takes some and puts some on my cheek. "Oh no you didn't!" I get some frosting and do the same. We keep play-fighting until we are out, just then, the oven dings. We look at each other and laugh it off. I find another packet and frost it. We eat the cinnamon rolls and sleep. He kisses me on the nose and falls asleep.

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