Love Me

I have been raped and abused by my father. I just need someone. Someone. To Love Me. Care for me. Help me along the way. Just. One. Person. Louis comes into my life and we got to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Time passes and we get engaged and I become pregnant. That's as far as I've gotten.


20. Coma

We go back to my room and I just sit there in my bed listening to them and thinking of Samantha, I roll over and end up falling asleep. I don't feel like talking anymore and I don't have the heart to do anything. I dream about our future like how I told her our story.

*In The Morning*

A nurse wakes me up and tells me if can go home, I'll need to come back in 3 weeks to get my check up and might remove my stitches. Samantha still hasn't waken up. I go wake the boys up and we go to the hotel. They get breakfast served. I still don't have the heart to do anything or eat. I just sit there watching them eat. Eventually, Harry speaks up, "Hey buddy, what's wrong? Aren't you gonna eat?" "No, I'm fine, Im actually tired," I say walking to our bed. She's the only thin on my mind, I can't stop thinking about her. And i fall asleep.

When I wake up around 6pm, I get a call telling me Samantha is up and can go home today! I get the boys while they're watching TV, and tell them to get the car and to get Samantha. I was so excited to see my beautiful girlfriend.

We arrive and gostraight to her room and I see her awake and waiting for me. "Did you really mean what you said?" She says, "what? Yesterday?" I say, "yeah, I might have been half out of my coma, but I heard you." She says, "And it was sweet, I missed you too," she says. She has a cast on herarm, like me. She had lots of stitches done on her. Wetake her home and go straight to bed. We sit and talk about what needs to be said, "I'm sorry if I caused you a lot of trouble," she startscrying. "You haven't, it's not your fault, it's Tom's for hurting us." I lean in to kiss her, her lips are small and sweet. I get under the covers and take her shirt off, she takes mine off, we doit slowly so we don't hurl our arms or casts. I take her pants off without touching her stitches. I take her bra off and she says, "that's enough, I don't want to hurt our injuries." And we just cuddle under the covers.

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