Love Me

I have been raped and abused by my father. I just need someone. Someone. To Love Me. Care for me. Help me along the way. Just. One. Person. Louis comes into my life and we got to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Time passes and we get engaged and I become pregnant. That's as far as I've gotten.


17. AMERICA!!!!- the second day of tour

Louis' POV

In the morning, I get a text from Paul. Hey, you guys start your TODAY. Quickly get up and shower and change, because it's gonna be a LONG tour, boys!

I tell Samantha to get up and she read the text. We went to their rooms and jumped on their beds and screamed, 'GET UP, YOU LAZY BUM!!!' They all freaked out. Then, we quickly ran to our rooms and got under the covers and pretended to sleep. They came in our room with bed-heads and then they had some ice water and poured it all over us! We told them why they did it and told them the text Paul sent Louis. They all got their showers and we went to the living room/ kitchen and got some breakfast.

Samantha's POV

The hotel provided us with baking supplies and since Harry was a baker, we made pancakes. And with my experience with Louis, I will not throw flour in him. We made around 25 pancakes because we all know that Niall will eat a lot. We brushed our teeth after the nice breakfast and went to the Lobby. I was kinda scared of the fans, because I thought they would riot me an take my stuff. So I held on tight to Louis. We had to quickly hurry out if the hotel and get to the bus. We had a bus because it was a tour. When we got to the arena, we went backstage and they got their sound-check done. The concert wasn't until tonight, but I guess Paul wanted usto do it early.

After the sound-check, we went to go laser tagging! I have never been laser tagging, but my old friend, Jason, went and told me. But that was in 2nd grade. I teamed up with Zayn and Harry. Louis, Liam, and Niall got a team. We all went into the dark room and we got our positions. The timer counted down from 20, and then we battled. At first, I REALLY sucked, but then I got really good and I racked up a lot of points. I found Louis, and I didn't know if I should shoot him, so he came close and twirled me. "I know we're on different teams, but we should shoot our selves together after this kiss," he said. We kissed right on cue and then Harry found us and shot Louis, "Get A Room!!" He yelled, but we continued to kiss. We shot each other and went off. I had light red lipstick on and left a mark on Louis. He showed the mark with pride. When the round was over, we went to the stadium. Girls piled in and I got to the side of the stage. The opening song was One Thing. They started with the bridge and then went to the beginning. By the middle of the concert, Louis still had his mark and a girl pointed at it and he told her what happened. Then, the same girl told Louis to bring "her" out. I walked to the stage blushing and Louis kissed me on the lips. I was just about to walk off the stage when he pulled me in again. He whispered, "I'll meet you backstage after the concert, ok?"

*After the Concert*

Louis was hiding when I walked backstage and grabbed my arm and I got freaked out. "Ahhhh! Louis! What was that for?!" I said. "Babe, come with me." Says Louis. He gets in the car looking around. "What are you looking for? Where are we going?!" I say. "Nothing, and you'll see!" He says. We take the car to a hill overlooking the Capitol and City lights. We got out of the car and Louis brought a picnic basket with wine and some food. "Oh my god! Louis! This is beautiful!" I say, "Just wait, it'll get better!" He says. We sit on the hood of the car and eat and drink there. He looks into my eyes and leans in. I kiss him long and nicely. He gets up, takes my hand and I get up too. He asks for a kiss and with the lights behind us, it's a perfect picture! I jump on him, my legs wrapped around him, and continue to kiss.

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