Disguised Beauty (A One Direction FanFiction)

"Wishes don't always come true, hon."
"Yeah mommy, but I feel like they should."

Spoken from the mouth of a 4 year old Paige Dray.
Before all the chaos, and the rumors, and the bands.

Have you ever impersonated someone?
I have.

Have you ever made a wish?
I have.

Have you ever fallen in love?
I have.

Have you ever... Seen magic?
I have.


4. Chapter 4

I'm waiting at the entrance to backstage when I hear a voice that's vaguely familiar.

"I can't, she means nothing to me now." A heavy British accent lingers in my head. I whip around and my jaw hits the ground. Standing behind me is the one and the only Harry Styles.

I stand there, petrified.

"You alright there, love?" He takes a look at me and raises his eyebrow.

"Yeah... I just can't believe you're standing right in front of me." I blink a few times, not sure if I'm dreaming or not.

"Well, believe it! You didn't think I was real?" He chuckles.

"No. I totally thought you were real! I'm just surprised I'm actually talking to you right now." I cross my arms.

"You here for the concert." He asks and I nod.

"That's cool." He glances at my backstage pass. "So you are allowed to be back here." He grins a cheeky grin. "What's your name?" He asks.

I freeze, not sure whether to say Paige or Kayleigh. I look down at my pass and decide to go with Kayleigh. It seems appropriate. Otherwise, he'd think I'm an impostor.  I kind of am, but I will not admit it.

"Kayleigh." I say and smile halfheartedly.

"That's a beautiful name you've got there. Your mother knows what she's doing." He winks at me.

I chuckle, uncomfortable with this mess. I've done some pretty awful things, but never pretended to be someone else. This was just weird and I felt awkward lying to Harry Styles.

"I really like your music." I mumble, unsure of how to change the subject to something interesting.

"Thanks. We work very hard for it." Harry comes and leans up against the wall beside me. It's just me and Harry outside now. Not a single soul is in sight. It's cold and I want to get inside.

"Can we go backstage now?" I ask, shivering.

"Of course love! Why didn't you say anything? Here, come in. You look freezing." He opens the door and leads me inside. The second he sets foot in the door, a bunch of screaming fangirls come barreling towards me and Harry. The next thing I knew, Harry was signing autographs and not paying any attention to me. I sigh and push my way through the crowd. I'm trudging onward when I hear Harry call my name. Or, Kayleigh's name.

"Kayleigh, wait!" I turn back and see Harry shoving his way past tons of crying girls.

"Where are you going?" He asks.

"Away from this mess." I glance over at the crowd.

"That's a good idea. Follow me." He takes my hand and I can't help but feel my face heat up.

We hustle through the crowd, and cram into a small wooden door. I close my eyes and Harry leads me into the room. He closes the door behind him and locks it.

"Phew. Some of these concerts are just so wild." He chuckles.

"Boys, this is Kayleigh." He nods to me. I slowly turn around and try not to scream as I see four other handsome boys grinning at me.

I manage to get out a simple "hi" before squealing silently.

"I bet you know us all by now, right? I assume you're a fan." Liam beams. I nod.

"Of course I am." I giggle. Zayn crosses his legs.

"Your name is very pretty." He compliments me. It sort of hurts me inside, because it's not the name Paige they like, it's Kayleigh.

"Thank you." I look down.

"She's so quiet." Louis looks pleased as he says that.

"No, just shy." I say.

"Sure." Niall laughs.

"Leave her alone lads." Harry throws a pillow at them all and I grin, amused.

"I have a twin sister named Paige." I say, hoping they'll compliment me in some way.

"Oh that's cool." Liam says.

"Is she nice?" Harry questions me.

"Yeah, she is." I turn red, looking down.

"I'd like to meet her sometime." Niall chuckles, and I let out a soft laughter.

The sad thing is, they've already met her.

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