Disguised Beauty (A One Direction FanFiction)

"Wishes don't always come true, hon."
"Yeah mommy, but I feel like they should."

Spoken from the mouth of a 4 year old Paige Dray.
Before all the chaos, and the rumors, and the bands.

Have you ever impersonated someone?
I have.

Have you ever made a wish?
I have.

Have you ever fallen in love?
I have.

Have you ever... Seen magic?
I have.


3. Chapter 3

November 18th, 2013

Today's the big day. Today's the day of the One Direction concert. Kayleigh is back from her trip, so somehow I've got to deal with her. How will I be able to sneak off without Kayleigh going?

I almost fall head over heals down the stairs, since I don't realize what's in front of me. I trip and stumble a few steps down.

"Everything alright up there, Paige?" My sister calls up to me. She's making breakfast for the family. Mom said it wasn't necessary, since she just got home, but Kayleigh insists.

"Just peachy." I roll my eyes and make my way downstairs into the kitchen. I almost laugh out loud at the sight.

Kayleigh is wearing a pink apron that says 'Kiss the Chef'. She has a chef's hat on and she's wearing a floral dress and sparkly white shoes.

"Kay, you look like something on 'World's Best Idiot'. Why are you wearing that?" I hoist myself up onto the counter.

"Oh, you're funny Paige! I know you love my outfit." She giggles and flashes a grin at me, then continues to fry the eggs. I send her a mocking smile as she turns away.

"I saw that Paige." I whip around to see my mom leaning on the wall, her arms crossed.

"Saw what?" I shrug and look over at Kayleigh, who has no idea what's going on.

"Don't play innocent with me here." She raises her eyebrows as a warning, and goes to greet Kayleigh.

"Good morning sweetheart! This is a lovely breakfast you've prepared us. You're the best cook in the world." She hugs my sister and goes to sit at the table.

Let's get this straight. I got my good mornings in scoldings. Kayleigh gets hers in compliments and envy. I don't even get a simple 'good morning Paige.' Does my family even care about me?

Cory comes skipping down the stairs.

"Morning bozos." He flicks me and Kayleigh on the ear.

"Good morning Cory." Kayleigh smiles at him.

"Morning little bozo." Mom says teasingly, and kisses his head.

So even CORY gets a good morning. 

We sit down to eat. Kayleigh serves us each a plate with bacon, eggs, toast, and sausage on it. The pancake has a smiley face on it made with blueberries.

"Why does it have a smile? Kayleigh, we aren't four." I make a disgusted face.

"Paige! Be grateful." My mother shoots me a warning glance. I roll my eyes and start chomping away at the food.

"You eat like a pig." Cory laughs at me.

"Quiet." I shoot a mean glare at him. Little brothers are the absolute WORST!

Once I finish my breakfast, I trot upstairs and plop onto my bed. The concert is tonight, and I have to be prepared. I need to take some of Kayleigh's cloths. I need to pretend to be her as long as I can.

There was one problem though. Where would Mom think I was that night? I need to make an excuse. Study group? Nah, I don't do work, everyone knows that. Possibly a party? I'm not grounded anymore, so that isn't a bad idea.

I grin to myself, feeling devilish inside. This is going to work out perfectly.

At the end of the day, I glance at the clock for the last time. It's finally eight o-clock. Time for me to leave for the concert. I hear the door slam and realize Kayleigh has left to get Megan for the concert. I take a small look at myself in the mirror, afraid of what I might see. I frown. I look JUST like Kayleigh. I'm wearing a floral shirt and a light beige sweater over it. I have short jean shorts, and the bottoms of them are ripped fashionably. I also have on some perky pink high heels to top it all off. How does Kayliegh wear these?

I stumble down the stairs, carrying a sky blue purse I found by my sister's bed. I wave bye to my mom, who is busy in a book, so she luckily doesn't notice who I actually am.

I hop in my car with a sigh of relief.

"I can do this." I say to myself. The engine starts with a roar, and I'm on my way to the stage where I will see the boys of my life preform.

An hour later I'm spinning around in circles trying to find a parking space.

"They need to make more parking spaces." I grumble. This is the most frustrating thing I've ever had to do. After about five minutes I'm settled in the parking garage. Not the most ideal place to be, since it's about a ten minute walk to the stage, but at least I parked.

I slowly get out of the car, looking to see who's around me. I'm wearing more makeup than usual, to look like Kayleigh. My hair is curled and smooth. The heels on my feet cause a racket as I make my way to the stage.

I'm getting a lot of stares and whistles from boys, which I'm not used to at all. It's a bit awkward, but at the same time, I love it.

This is what being Kayleigh is like. I think to myself. It's so weird. I'm not used to all the attention.

After the ten minute walk, I finally get to the stage. I gasp in awe, because in front of me is the largest building I've ever seen. It bows before me, and I'm prepared for a changed life.

Author's Note:

Sorry guys if you didn't enjoy this chapter as much! I've had a rough night, and I can't think straight. Please keep it up with all the kind comments! Like and favorite! It means SO much to me! I'll be updated as daily as possible.

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