All That Matters -Sequel To Getting Adopted-

Becca can't wait to go to Sydney to see the boys perform. She's been counting down the days and it's finally come. Where she can see her dad and her boyfriend face to face, instead of through a screen. But what happened when Louis decides he doesn't want her and Luke together?


2. Chapter 1

Just as sure as the stars in the sky
I need you to shine in my life
Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time
Better believe it


"Becca, sweetie, time to get up." Eleanor shook me awake. I rolled out of bed and looked for something to wear. I don't know why I had to go to school, Eleanor, Perrie, and Gabi were picking Nina, Naomi, and I up early to go to Sydney anyway. But it's fine with me cause I get to see my dad and I get to see Luke in person, instead of through my phone or laptop screen. I sighed and looked in my dresser. I picked out a white corset top and a floral skirt. I put them on with a red belt and a pair of wedges. I added some accessories and did my makeup. I curled my hair, which was more a dirty blonde now, and pinned it to the side. I grabbed my phone, makeup, and other fun stuff and put it in my purse. I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then walked downstairs.

I said goodbye to Eleanor, Perrie, and Gabi. Danielle and Liam broke up so she doesn't live with us anymore. Nina, Naomi, and I walked outside and headed to school. Usually we would drive, since we're all 17 now, but since Eleanor is going to be picking us up early we just walked. When we got to school we separated cause we were all on different teams and had different friends. When i got to my locker, Leigha, Bella, Jenny, Matt, Zack, Max, and Jackie were waiting for me.


"Becca!" Leigha squealed, hugging me really tightly.


"Hi guys." I laughed as she let go of me.


"I can't believe your leaving!" Jenny said.


"Yeah, Tomlinson, we're gonna miss you." Jackie nodded putting a hand on my shoulder.


"Jeez, guys, I'll be gone for like a week." I laughed.


"Well, when you get back it'll be summertime." Matt pointed out.


"So, what's the first thing your gonna do when you get to Australia?" Max asked.


"Um, see Luke!" I smiled.


"Oh that's right, Temmings is still going on, isn't it?" Zack asked, putting his arm around Bella. Yes, they are dating now.


"Yup." I smiled. Soon the bell rang and we all went to class. During lunch one of the security guards came over to me and said I was being dismissed. I hugged everyone and went to my locker. I grabbed all my stuff and went to the office. Eleanor, Perrie, Gabi, Nina, and Naomi were waiting for me. We filed into the car, and drove to the airport.


"I can't wait!" Nina squealed in the airport lobby.


"Yeah. It should be fun." Naomi said, nodding in agreement. Then our flight got called. We boarded the plane and found our seats. Here goes a 16 hour flight.



YAY! First chapter to the sequel!

Hope you like it.

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