Demons (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles, the hot bad boy at school who doesn't like to date his school's girls because he thinks they're 'too immature' but will the new girl, Samantha Jones, change his mind or will he still think the same as always?

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2. Chapter 1.

COULDN’T believe I was actually moving away. Last night had been so depressing; I cried a lot because my friends visited me and gave me a lot of presents which I loved, and today I woke up with puffy eyes. Great. My first day in Britain and I was going to look like complete shit. Right now I was sitting in the airplane looking straight out the window, seeing how the airplane got higher and higher and I got far and far away from home. I was starting to feel those tears forming in my eyes again. Crap, I hated crying so much, I hated feeling that knot in my throat that I couldn’t take away and the only way to disappear it was letting all my tears come out, but I wouldn’t allow that to happen so I just had to handle that feeling without letting it beat me.


I honestly had no idea if my Mom was happy about this or not because well, we were all moving, that meant my Dad was coming with us, too; but my parents’ life in here was perfect, literally perfect; we had everything we ever wanted, but the thing is that we don’t know if we’ll have everything we need and want over there.


I thanked God I was single because having to say goodbye to my boyfriend would’ve been disastrous and the last thing I wanted right now was a broken heart. What made me not that sad about this new life was that my friends told me British men are hot as Hell and of course I loved that fact!  I didn’t mean American boys were not hot because they definitely were, but most of them were jerks and the only thing they want was to take us girls to their bed and... Well, you know what I mean, so I really hoped guys over there weren’t that jerks and actually knew how to treat a girl right.


I checked the time and I couldn’t believe it had been three hours since the plane started moving, my butt was starting to hurt but I didn’t really want to get up, I just wanted to let my head rest on the window, I wanted to look at every scale of blue down there in the ocean. God, that view was honestly beautiful. I looked at the digital map right in front of me; the one that was stuck on the back of the seat in front of me, and I realized we were not even halfway there, I couldn’t believe I still had six hours left in this plane. The food was horrid but I was hungry as Hell, so I had to eat that... Thing, because I couldn’t even call that ‘food’. I was not the kind of girl who ate a certain type of food; no. I loved food, every kind, just not this one. I was so tired so I thought I would just sleep a little bit; besides, my parents were in a deep sleep so I was alone in here and there’s absolutely nothing to do, I already watched like two movies and the movies that I haven’t watched seem really bad, so I would just sleep; maybe if I did so, time would go by faster.


I woke up by the deep voice of the pilot announcing we were already here and it was time to land so we had to buckle up again. United Kingdom.  Did I really sleep for five hours and a half?  Wow. I must have been really tired. I buckled myself and sat straight,  when the airplane started to land I felt my ears pop, I hated that, to un-pop my ears I started yawning and opening my mouth as big as I could but it didn’t seem to be working so I just stayed that way until they decided to un-pop by themselves.


I grabbed my hand bag and started doing the line to get out of the airplane with my parents right behind me. Hello, new life, I thought. I really hoped it all went great, I knew I’d have to wear a uniform and I hated that because in America I could go to school like I wanted to, but here I couldn’t.  I couldn’t even wear makeup and that was a lot to me. I got out of the airplane and went to grab my luggage that was spinning around on the baggage carousel. I started walking towards the exit of the airport; I had to show my passport a few times just to check, but that was alright, it didn’t really bother me. Once we were all out of the airport, my mother spotted the car waiting for us, as the chauffeur was standing, holding a sign with my mom’s name written on it, she smiled and waved at him before walking towards the car as my father and I walked behind her.


We got into the car and the chauffeur put our luggage in the trunk of the car, he sat on the driver’s seat and started driving, sometime later (I really didn’t know how much time) I saw the sign that said ‘Holmes Chapel’. I was here. My new life had started, for real this time, and I knew my mother wouldn’t hesitate and she’d make me go to school on Monday, that meant that I just had two days to know this town, and those two days were today and tomorrow so that’d just leave me a day to know it, although I knew I wouldn’t go out because the entire weekend we’d be organizing our new house, but the most infuriating thing was that I was moving here when I just had six months left of high school, couldn’t my mom just wait six months to get this new job?


I knew I was being selfish but I was having my prom, the best night ever with the ones that I love in six fucking months and now I would have it, but with people that I would barely know, because I knew my friends from America since kindergarten; literally, and I would just know these people for half a year.


“Welcome home, honey,” my Mother said as soon as we got out of the car. We hadn’t spoken the whole way to here, neither had I spoken with my Dad.


I was not in the mood right now so instead of saying something rude to her I decided to keep my mouth shut, I grabbed my luggage from the trunk and went straight to the already opened door (my Dad opened it). I went inside heading upstairs to my new room. All the walls were white. I remembered my walls in my room were all light purple and they all had posters of shows and artists I loved; I guess I’d have to do it all over again in this room. It was nice, though, it was big; I liked big rooms and I had my own bathroom and closet, the only thing I didn’t have that I did have in America was a dresser, but I guessed the bathroom replaced it. This house came stuffed already so we didn’t have to buy any furniture, but I did need a new duvet, the one I had is horrible, it was old, dirty and it was or boys. It had cars printed on it.


I placed my suitcase on the bed and opened it, leaving all my clothes and stuff in sight, I started organizing everything and as I was doing so, I heard a knock on my door.


“Come in!” I yelled.


“Hey,” my Dad said as he stuck his head out the door before coming in.


“Hi,” I answered.


“What’s wrong sweetie?” He asked in a worried tone.


I had always loved the way that my Dad came to talk to me, he always knew when something was wrong and I never hid anything from him so I ended up telling him and I loved to do it because he always understood me.


“You know I don’t really want to be here.” I answered honestly.


“I know, honey, but I also know you’ll end up liking it here.”


 “I hope so, Dad, I really hope so,” I said with a sad tone.


“You will,” he said and pulled me into a sweet, warm hug.




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