Don't Forget

A typical tragic romance, with a twist.

Raven McCleary is your above average American teenager. She excels in school, enjoys the Holidays with her family. Despises her mother's nagging and falls for a guy who could be the one.

Devon Martin is your typical jock. Except he likes school, he loves to read, and he secretly hides a dark secret that could kill his chances with Raven...for good.


2. Chapter One: First Sight




'Gosh. The day I met Devon was the happiest day of my life. Of didn't start out that way.'



          "Raven get up honey. You don't want to be late on your first day!" I groaned and pulled back the covers. Yippee, starting a new school, my senior MARCH! I pulled on some jeans and a nice sweater because God forbid if my mother caught me wearing a hoodie. I pulled on my designer boots...not by choice but by necessity of getting rid of my mother for seven hours of my life. I brushed through my black hair, where I got my name and went down stairs for 'Inspection'. I was not joking when I said that my mother was a little...over the top when it came to appearance and first impressions. I'm sure dad had an even longer inspection given that he was the new CEO of the business branch he was transferred to. 


"Mother can I go? Please?" I groaned as she finished her ten minute inspection and touch ups.


"Yes Raven you may go." My mother handed me my car keys as I flew out the door.


             As I reached the school I realized I was nervous. I Raven McClearly; fan of everything Halloween, horror, and disgusting was nervous. I rolled my eyes in annoyance at myself and found a decent parking spot. I looked at the school, which was two stories, middle school on bottom and High School up top. 'Only a few months and its over' -I told myself.I started my day with English, one of my favorites. I was the first one in my seat, I didn't want to be shown around so I took the pre-first day orientation seriously. I memorized where each classroom was on my schedule and how to get there from my locker. It was seconds before the final bell rang when he walked in. My heart stopped, and then started to gallop in my chest. I didn't even know who he was at all. All I knew was that he was sitting next to me.



             "Hello class. I know Spring Break is coming up in two weeks along with the Spring Formal but hang in there. Today we have a new student."


             "So late in the school year?"


             "She may have started late but she was not late for my class unlike you Miss. Stone." Snickers erupted throughout the class.


             "Miss McClearly can you introduce yourself to the class please?" I stood and the class all nineteen of them looked at me.


           "My name is Raven McClearly. I moved here from Salem Massachusetts  I love anything Halloween. And no I'm not a witch." I took my seat once more, the whispers started immediately after I sat down.


           "Rebecca, she's gorgeous!"


           "I know! I wish I had her hair."


            "Her eyes are beautiful!" another girl whispered


           "Her body is rocking!" a boy whispered to McGorgeous himself.


            "Yea, man she's beautiful like an angel."


           "Devon are you alright?"


           "Class settle down please!" Mr. Pierce shouted. I immediately returned my attention up to the front of the room. "Thank you, now take out your copies of Hamlet. Raven have you read Hamlet?"


          "Yes five times. It's my favorite." I responded immediately.


           "Good. Open to Act Three." I pulled out my copy which was much more battered and out of shape than the school's copy. I began reading Act three. The bell rang just as I was starting scene three, The Queen's Chambers. As I was leaving the classroom McGorgeous caught up with me,


           "Hey, Raven right?"


           "Um yeah. Devon right?"


           "Yeah, so you're new here?"


           "Obviously." I laughed "My dad was transferred, so here I am."


         "Uh yea, so I was asked to show you around." I already knew my way around but an opportunity to spend the whole day with Devon sounded amazing.


        "Okay, so what do you have now?"


        "Actually my schedule is your schedule, that's why I was asked to show you around."


             He took my bag from me and we made our way to Psychology 101 with Miss. Wicka. As we walked, we held a steady conversation. It turned out we had a lot in common; he was obsessed with his grades, his family came first, he was in all the clubs and was the star football quarterback. I was obsessed with my grades(duh) so I could escape my tyrant of a mother. I was in all the clubs at my old school. I loved to read, and so did he. As we neared our destination he stopped,


         "Raven, spring formal is coming up, and you're new here and I don't have a date. I was wondering if you'd like to attend with me?"


         "I'd love to Devon, its really thoughtful of you." He smiled and opened the door allowing me to enter first. I sat in the desk in the far back, Devon sat down next to me.


         "She's not going to make you introduce yourself don't worry." Devon assured me taking my hand the was nervously tapping a pen.


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