High School

Skylar Parker is a junior in high-school. This school has one boy she has been in love with since 6th grade. The boy? Louis Tomlinson of course! They have talked a few times, but, not much. Then he invites her to his party! What will happen? Will she fall for another guy? Read to find out!
*The boys ARE NOT famous in this story*


8. The Party (Chapter 2)

Skylar's P.O.V.

"Mum?" I yelled once more. I couldn't find her anywhere. I saw a note on the kitchen table, It said:


My Dear Skylar,                                                                                 

I know this is all so sudden, but, I am leaving  for my new business trip early. I know you wanted to see me, and I would love to see you. I miss you my darling. This trip will be for 3 weeks. After that I will be home for a week. I left you a couple presents in the dining room, and also some more Euros. For, food and clothes, and  anything else you would need. You can call, or Skype me, on the weekends, if you would like. I love you so very much.

Love, Mum


I wiped my eyes from crying and set the note back down. I miss her so much. I hardly ever see her. That's how I grew up. Alone. Even when I was little I stayed alone in this house. Lexi's mum always came to pick me up and bring me to school and to go shopping. I did sometimes spend the night at Lexi's house though. I would rather just be a poor family and my mum always be home, than, to be a rich family and never have my mum around, which is what I have now. Well, I'm definitely going to Louis' party now. I called Lexi. "Hey." she said. "Hey. Get ready. Your going to a party." I said. "Okay... What time will you be picking me up?" She asked. "8:50" I said. "Okay..." She said still kinda confused. "Bye!" I said. "K. Bye!" She said and hung up. I took a shower and blow dried my hair. I brushed my teeth and walked into my room. I looked in my closet. I had tons of dresses to choose from. I ended up picking out three. I took a pic of all of them and texted them to Lexi and asked Which one? She texted back. 

From Lexi: Depends, you going for a sexy look, a cute look, or a I'm taken look.

I looked at her text and texted back.

To Lexi: Sexy. What do you mean by a I'm taken look?

From Lexi: Okay... Than the black one! And, a mixture of a cute and sexy look.

To Lexi: K. And, That makes absolutely no sense.

I put on the dress Lexi told me to wear. It was a little black dress with no sleeves, that was tight, and landed just under my bum. So, yeah... It made me look hot. I curled hair and put on some deodorant. I shaved my legs and under my arms, and put on some perfume. I put on some silver hoop earrings and a bracelet. I finally finished my look with some black heels. By the time I was finally finished, it was 8:45. I rushed downstairs and grabbed my keys. 

*Skipping the drive*

Lexi ran outside in a red sparkly dress that was at her mid-thigh. "Hey sexy!" Lexi excitedly said once she came into my car. I laughed. She always got super excited when we went to parties. She LOVED parties. "So... who's party is it?" She asked. "Louis Tomlinson's." I said. She excitedly screamed. Ow. "He invited you? O.M.G. He likes you!" She said happily. She assumes that everyone likes everyone. I swear. "No he doesn't like me... Besides... I'm with Logan now... Remember?" I said. "Yeah... But, you still like him..." She said. "Shut up!" I said. She smiled evilly.

*Skipping rest of car ride*

We arrived at Louis'. It was exactly 9 when we got there. Lexi and I got out and went inside the house.The smell of alcohol hit me as soon as I walked in. There were only about 10 other people there so far. They were, Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Lidia, Jack, Katie, Albert, Kylie, and of course Lexi, and I. Louis walked over to me and smiled. "Hey... I'm glad you made it!" He said smiling. "Yeah... me too..." I said. "Once more people come I will put the music on..." He said. I nodded. 

*10 minutes later*

There were tons of people there crowding Louis' house. Louis' didn't let anyone go to his or his mum's room. Louis' had the music on now, and it was so loud. There were hot sweaty people everywhere, either dancing, drinking, or making out. It smelled of sweat and alcohol. I haven't drank anything yet... Lexi was drunk and making out with Harry. Louis and I have just been talking. "So... you want anything to drink?" Louis yelled over the music. He wasn't quite drunk yet... "I don't drink." I yelled. "C'mon take a chance. What's the worst you could really do even if you were to get drunk?" He yelled/asked. "Alright fine! But... just one!" I yelled giving in. Louis' got both Me and Him a beer and we chugged them down. After a few minutes things started to get blurry... Then I blacked out....

*Morning Later*

I stretched arms out and hit something. What? I opened my eyes and screamed. Louis' shot up wide awake. We were both naked in the same bed. In what I believe is Louis' room. "Oh no... Oh no no no.... Please tell me this is fake... Please tell me this is a dream..." I said freaking out. "I'm afraid not..." Louis said sadly. "We didn't did we?" I asked afraid. "I'm afraid we did... I remember it..." Louis said. "Oh... No... This can't be happening..." I said while pulling on my hair. "Look... We were both drunk... We couldn't help it... Don't beat yourself up over this..." He said. "Don't beat myself up over this? Easy for you to say... I have never done this before. Unlike, you!" I snapped. "What makes you say I have!" He yelled. I chuckled. "Seriously, your telling me you never did 'it', when you have almost every single girl in school all over you?" I said harshly. "I haven't okay? I reject them. I was waiting for the right girl!" He yelled. "I'm sorry... I'm just upset..." I said. I let a few tears fall down my face. Louis wiped them away with his thumb. "It's okay... I'm sorry for making you drink last night..." He said. "It's alright..." I said. Louis got up and pulled on some boxers and trousers. Louis' then went in his drawer and grabbed a shirt and some sweats, with adjustable    strings. Louis handed me them and said, "Here... you can wear these for now... They will be more comfortable than your dress." I nodded. I covered myself with the blanket and looked to the side of the bed and saw, my dress, underwear, and bra. I grabbed my underwear and bra and put them on. I then put on the shirt and sweats. The shirt was baggy but, fine. "You know, you are really skinny... and, you have abs!" He says amazed. I nodded. "You have abs too..." I said looking at his topless body. He chuckled. We walked downstairs and saw, a few knocked out people, including Lexi. Louis smirked. I gave him a confused look. "Wanna wake them up?" Louis asked. I looked at him still confused. He took my hand and led me to the kitchen. He grabbed two pots, and two wooden spoons. He handed me a pot and wooden spoon. "We hit these... and scream wake up!" He said. "Okay..." I said. We started banging the pots with the wooden spoons and started screaming, "WAKE UP.... WAKE UUUUP.... GET YOUR LAZY BUMS UP.... WAKE UP.... WAKE UUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!" We screamed. Everyone shot their heads up and got out... Except for Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Lexi, they stayed. "Jeez Lou!" yelled Liam. "What's wrong with you?" yelled Harry. "Everything." Louis said while smirking. "Okay... So... I get why they are still here because they are my best friends and she is here- because- we- um-, well, Who are you?" Louis asked Lexi as she stood there next to Harry. "She's my ride." Lexi said pointing to me."I can't go home without her, and that's why I slept here... What happened between you two?" She asked. "Well... uh... we kinda... uh..." I said. "Oh no! You didn't did you! Sky! What about Logan? Your Boyfriend! Did you forget?" She screamed. I let a tear fall down my face. She ran up to Louis,slapped him,and screamed, "Why did you do that? You sick freak! How dare you?!?" She screamed. "Lexi Stop! We were drunk! I haven't forgotten about Logan! I love him! If I could change what happened I would!" I screamed. "Your dating Logan. Logan Summers?" Louis asked seeming to start to get upset. I nodded. He looked to be holding back his tears. "I gotta go... I give you your clothes back at school on Monday... Bye..." I said. "Bye..." He sadly said. I walked out and went to the car. Once we got in there I let all my tears fall that I was holding back. Lexi rubbed my back as I cried into my knees.

Louis' P.O.V.

I remember every second of what happened last night. Every detail. Every tiny little thing. Every kiss. Every touch. I fell for her. I fell hard. "You fell for her didn't you mate?" Harry asked. I nodded. "He fell hard." Zayn added. I think these boys can read my mind. "Can you read my mind?" I asked. They all laughed and Harry looked in my eyes, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "Yes, yes we can." We all started laughing for about 2 minutes. Niall looked out the window. "Louis, she's still out there... But... crying..." Niall said tearing up, then letting the tears fall. Let's just say, if Niall sees a girl crying, he starts crying. I looked at her and cried a little. This is all my fault she is like this. 

Skylar's P.O.V.

After about 10 minutes, I stopped crying. I drove to Lexi's and back to my house. Mum said she left me a couple presents in the dining room, so I guess I'll go check them out. I went in the dining room and saw a pet carrier on the table. I gasped. I saw two little kittens in it. Luckily, they had food and water in there so, they were fine. They were sleeping. They were so adorable...  I opened the cage. "Hey..." I said sweetly. They opened their eyes, and looked at me, they were both so cute! I grabbed them, and put them on the ground, so they could explore. One of them was with, with grey on it's nose, and it's ears were grey. The other was a Siamese. I named the white one Crystal, and the Siamese, Ellie. Even with the kittens, I would be bored. Maybe, I could stay at Lexi's. I called her phone. "Hey." she said. "Hey... Do you know if I can stay at your place for a while." I asked. "Probably... Hold on..." She said. "Mum... can Sky stay for a while?" She asked her mum. "How long?" She asked. "3 weeks." I said. "3 weeks." she told her Mum. "She said yeah.." Lexi said. "Okay... I'll come once i'm done packing." I said. "K" she said. With that I hung up. I called my Neighbor she pet sits for anyone. "Hello." She said. "Hey Ashley... Can you pet sit for me?" I asked. "Sure. For how long?" She asked. "3 weeks. I'll pay you 50 Euros a day." I said. "Alright. And, you are now my favorite customer." She joked. "Okay... I'll bring them over in about an hour." I said. "Okay!" She said, and hung up. Ashley is a 22 year old young-women. She has beautiful, curly, blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She is gorgeous. Her boyfriend's name is Nick. He is 23. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He also has a tan. He is pretty hot. I packed enough for 3 weeks and carried my stuff to my car. As I was bringing my suitcases to the car, I heard someone say, "Hey where you going beautiful?" I turned around and saw Logan standing there. "Logan?" I asked. I kissed him passionately. We kissed for what seemed like forever. "Well... Did someone miss me? I came here to see you... but, I see your leaving..." He said and laughed. "Yes I did miss you... And, I'm going to Alexis' for 3 weeks, until my mum comes home." I said. "Okay... Well you can always spend the night at my place. Spencer will of course be there. My mum and dad, are on vacation though." He said. "Okay... Maybe... How 'bout you pick me up tonight at 7. I still wanna hang out with Alexis." I said. He nodded. He left, and I put the kitten in the carrier and, walked to Ashley's. She use to keep me company, and sometimes still does when my mum is gone. I knocked on the door, and Nick opened it. "Hey Skylar..." He said. "Babe... Skylar's here!" He yelled. "K... Coming!" She said. Ashley came, and Nick went to the living room, giving Ashley a peck on the cheek, making her blush. "Here... are the kittens... and here is your money." I said, handing her the kittens and her money. I drove to Lexi's house. 

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