High School

Skylar Parker is a junior in high-school. This school has one boy she has been in love with since 6th grade. The boy? Louis Tomlinson of course! They have talked a few times, but, not much. Then he invites her to his party! What will happen? Will she fall for another guy? Read to find out!
*The boys ARE NOT famous in this story*


3. More Characters (Skylar's Friends)

Conner Philips (Her Friend)


Logan Summers (Her friend/ brother of Spencer)


Ryan Jones (Her friend)


Spencer Summers (Her friend/ sister of Logan)


Isabella Cooper (Her friend)


*Author's Note*

Hey guys. Three things I need to say... 1. I didn't put Alexis in there because, I did earlier. 2. I know I haven't written much yet, but I will, I just have to introduce a few more Characters. 3. I would love it if you would check out my other movellas, 'Never Forget' , 'Forgive Me' , and 'Irresistible'. That's all for now! Love you!


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