High School

Skylar Parker is a junior in high-school. This school has one boy she has been in love with since 6th grade. The boy? Louis Tomlinson of course! They have talked a few times, but, not much. Then he invites her to his party! What will happen? Will she fall for another guy? Read to find out!
*The boys ARE NOT famous in this story*


2. Introduction


Hey i'm Skylar Elizabeth Parker. I'm a junior in high school. I Have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 16. I have been in love with a guy, Louis Tomlinson, since 6th grade. Thankfully, he has no idea. I use to be with a guy, Daniel Jacobs, at that time I forgot about Louis. I still had feelings for him, just not as strong as I had before. My strong feelings for Louis are back. Daniel and I broke up 3 months ago. I caught him making out with my enemy, Anna Stacey, so I broke up with him. Since then, he got up on popularity by becoming the school player. I don't even know him anymore. He is completely different. All the girls droll over him and Louis. Louis isn't a real bad guy though. He's a bad boy, but, in a sweet, cute way. I am a good student. I am not, not popular, but, i'm not popular. I'm kinda in between. The only other person who knows I like Louis is my BFF Alexis. Alexis or as I call her Lexi, is amazing. Lexi and I have been BFFs since kindergarten. Now, you probably want to know more about Anna, well let me sum it up, she has the 'perfect' hair, the 'perfect' smile, the 'perfect' walk, the 'perfect' style, the 'perfect' laugh, the 'perfect' everything. Or so everybody says. Lets just say I hate her and she hates me. In elementary, was when it all started, we both had a Halloween party more people came to mine because, my party was 'cooler'. She was furious. Apparently, she hasn't gotten over it or something. Ever since then shes hated me and I hate her. Simple. I live with my mum, she's gone a lot though, always on business trips. I'm a single child. I also have no clue who the heck my father is. My friends names are, Alexis, Isabella, Ryan, Logan, Spencer, and Conner. Oh, and I have a goldfish, named Mr. Goldfish. Cheesy, right? Anyways that's about it for now.

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