Change of Plans

When high-class Abigail Mitchell meets low-class Niall Horan her life turns up side down. And the rest you'll have to read to find out.

** Warning: Contains sexual scenarios.


2. The Party **Yellow

"Hello mother, greetings father" I said, bowing down in front of them. My father grabbed my hand.

"You look splendid. Prince will be pleased" He said.

"The carriage is outside dear, we better get moving if we want to be on time" mother insisted.

I glanced at the staircase where maid was standing, she smiled and blew me a kiss.

"See you later Kate" I smiled and waved goodbye.

"Maid. It's maid." Mother snapped as we walked out the door.

Ever since I had began calling her Kate, mother would always get angry and remind me I was only permitted to call her maid. She'd always tell me to only call family members and friends by their names and that maid was only our servant and she wasn't family nor a friend. But to me Kate was both and even more. To me she was my mother, of course I never told my mother that, she'd punish me.

"You will do exactly as Prince tells you" My mother demanded as we walked through the crystal doors of Princes' palace. I looked around to see many beautiful ball gowns and wonderful hairdos.

"There he is!" Father exclaimed loudly as Prince approached us. Mother nudged my side.

"It's nice to see you Sir Mitchell" Prince said, shaking hands with father.

"Madam Mitchell" he grabbed mothers' hand and kissed it lightly.

"Princess" He grinned, leaning in, leaving a kiss on my cheek.

I forced a smile.

"Alright we'll leave you to it" Father said, taking my mothers hand before walking away. Mother turned around.

"Don't mess it up" mother mouthed.

Mess what up? Leave us to do what? Confusion struck me as I tried to figure out what they were talking about.

"You look flawless my lady" Prince said, linking his arm with mine. I grinned.

"Shall we?" He asked, leading me up the side staircase.

"Where are we—"

"—I have a surprise for you" He interrupted as he lead me up the spiral staircase.

He pulled me closer to him as we walked down one of the hallways. I had a feeling that wherever it was that he was leading me to, I wouldn't like it. I looked up at him, his brown hair fell down to the tip of his ear, it was combed back perfectly. His green eyes sparkled as he spotted what he was looking for. He took out a key from his pocket as we stopped in front of a wooden door.

"Here we are" he said excitedly, opening the door.

A massive bed sat right in the middle of the room. I walked in slowly and heard the door close behind me.

"Make yourself comfortable" he said as he kissed my bare shoulders from behind.

This had happened once before, when I was 16 and we had met. I had ran away that time and ended up punished by my parents. This time it was more serious. After this it would be official that I would marry him.

I felt his hands begin to untie the back of my gown. I stood still and wondered what to do.

"I've been waiting for this a long time" he said once he had managed to undo my whole gown. I stood naked in front of him, my entire backside exposed to his eyes. His hands wrapped around my waist and made their way to my lower front area. He rubbed it slowly, making a strange noise escape from my mouth. He chuckled. His hands went down further and further until he reached the very middle spot of my area. I breathed nervously as he removed his hands.

"I'm ready" He said. He picked me up and laid me on the massive bed. I stayed laying down as he stared at my naked body. I felt uncontrollably uncomfortable, I had never done this before. I watched as he took off every piece of his clothing. He crawled on the bed. I sat up.

"This is finally happening" he said excitedly, kissing my lips. I furrowed my eyebrows then released them as he kissed me more and more. His lips made their way down to my neck then to my breast, he licked my nipples as soft moans came out my mouth. His kisses went back up to my neck as his hands crawled between my legs. He rubbed me slowly.

"I don't know if I'm ready for this" I whispered. He paid no attention to me but instead rubbed quicker. I threw my head back in pleasure and he massaged me rapidly. My eyes grew wide open as he stuck two of his fingers in me, pulling them in then back out.

"Oh dear" I said in pleasure, falling back onto the bed. He removed his fingers and opened my legs wide. His head went in between them and his tongue went in me. I shook slightly. He moved his tongue around, making me grip the bed sheets tight.

"I'm r-ready" I stuttered. He removed his head and looked down at me. I stared at his large member which pointed right up. He smirked. He grabbed it and began slapping my area with it.

"Please just do it" I pleaded.

"Beg me for it!" He exclaimed, hitting it harder against me.

"PLEASE I NEED YOU IN ME" I screamed at the top of my lungs. He threw his head back and placed it in me slowly. My hands went to his lower back, I pulled him closer as his member went in deep. I tightened my grip on his back. My legs were spread widely and his cock was pounding harder and faster into me, making me scream each time. Tears built up in my eyes from the pain I felt each time but the pleasure I felt was worth it.

"Yes!" I screamed.

"Don't stop now!" I screamed as he removed himself from me.

"Turn around" he demanded. I did as he said and got on my hands and knees. He pounded hard and fast into my back side, making my grip tighter on the bed sheets. I cursed loudly. I felt sensational each time he hit my spot.

"I'm going to explode!" I screamed.

"Not yet" he moaned as he went deeper into me, slamming against my wet, bare skin. I couldn't take it any longer I was going to explode. I collapsed on the bed, my face dug into the pillow. He fell beside me, panting loudly.

"That was amazing" he said in between loud breathing. I got on my side and glared at him, his member still stood up all the way. I grabbed it and began massaging it up and down.

He cursed loudly. My hands moved harder and faster, my grip got tighter on him. I watched as white fluid erupted from his cock and spilled onto my hands.

"You're perfect" he moaned.

"Nobody's perfect" I whispered. He chuckled.

"I want to try something" I said, he sat up as I released my hand from him. I crawled over him, my head leaned over his torso, I pushed my long hair back. I began leaving a trail of soft kisses down his lower half, he shook slightly as my kisses got to his hard, throbbing member. I massaged his tip with my tongue as loud moans came out of his mouth.

He cursed loudly as his member went in and out of my mouth, faster and tighter each time.

"Yes" he moaned as he massaged my back with his hands.

I removed my head and panted loudly, falling back onto the bed beside him. He laid his head on my breasts and we fell into peaceful sleep.

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