And Then They Found Me

Kat has been through so much in her life. From her mum getting killed tragically, being abused maliciously by her dad and to top it all off...she's deaf. She now lives in an orphanage and is bullied by the head mistress and by some of the kids. Kat starts to give up all her dreams of becoming a singer and being loved by a family...that is until a certain boy band adopts her and gives her the love she so desperately deserves.


3. The orphanage


Hi y'all I'm new to this and this is my first movella so please hang in there with me. And I hope y'all enjoy the book. Feel free to leave reviews it'll actually make my day if you did.


Kat's POV

It's been almost 6 and a half months since I was taken from my dad and put into an orphanage. The orphanage is called Cold Stone For Orphans. It's not best place to live in but it's much better then that hell hole I was in before. Though its still pretty similar, I get bullied by the kids there because I can't hear and that I don't like to speak very often because I'm scared that they're gonna harass me even more. The head mistress doesn't do anything about it she somehow blames it all on me. Plus I have lost a ton of weight because with so many people and so little food I try and give it to the smaller kids that don't get anything. To them I'm like their mom since the head mistress doesn't give a crap about them. When ever they feel down I play the old guitar they have. Yes I can play guitar I selftaught myself how to play. I even sing You Are My Sunshine to them when they are feeling down. I see the little kids come and go at the orphanage. That's what people want. They want little kids to give fresh starts to and they want a child who can hear. Believe me I would do anything to hear again, to be able to hear my voice and music and for some one to tell me "I love you". I mean I did have a chance to hear again but my parents were too poor for the operation and now the head mistress doesn't care, so to me in hopes of hearing and having a loving family seems like a fantasy.

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