Just Dont Let Me Go

**Kayla and her boyfriend Kayden get into a huge fight, Kayla meets one of the members of One Direction and falls in love with...**


2. If Only




         The next morning apparently I got a text at 3 am from Kayden actually saying that we are over. I was fine with that because I loved Liam.




Later that night me and Louis were outside talking. One conversation lead to the next. Then he said "Kayla, you look beautiful" I blushed a bit, then he leaned in to... kiss me? Wipe an eyelash, I don't know... Then the moment felt right so I leaned in to kiss him. And I liked it, I've kissed Liam before but this was different, now I felt sparks. After that I talked to Louis about the Liam issue and whatever. Then Louis took me back inside and Liam was waiting for me so we could get to bed. I thought I would never go to sleep thinking about that kiss.




The next morning I woke up to Liam holding my hand and he said "Good Morning, beautiful" I knew I had to tell Liam about Louis and I but it may not last and to be honest I really didn't know how to tell him in a nice way.





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