Adopted by Black Veil Brides


2. Chapter 2

"Hey Riot." Mrs Muhall says "Mr Biersack would like to adopt you... Is that okay?"

"Yeah it's fucking okay!!" After those words come out of my mouth i look at everyone in the room, cause most of the time I get in huge trouble for swearing, but Andy and Mrs Muhall are just smiling at me.

"Oh The guys are gonna be so happy!" Andy shouts as he lifts me up into a hug. Andy is my role model and now he's adopting me!!

"Okay! you should go to you room and pack up!" Andy says while messing up my hair

"If you want to keep that hand I suggest you don't do that again." I swear to god i will rip off someones hand if they touch my hair.

"Okay come on Little Sassy Pants go get your stuff."

We arent allowed to run up the stairs but I think I'm good. I rush into my room to see Steph sitting in a chair reading. "You will not believe who is down stairs!" I shout

"Andy Biersack! I know!!" Steph drops her book and runs up to my dresser and starts pulling out all my clothes "LETS GET PACKING HOE!!"

She stops for a second and reaches into my drawer. "Riot what are these?" She pulls out my 6 blades that were hidden under my shirts. Before I could answer she grabs my arms and looks at my wrists... There were cuts on both. "Why Riot? Why didnt you tell me?" Shes in tears now

"I dont know, I guess I was scared and..." Now I was in tears..

"Was it Kara cause if it was,"

"It wasnt Kara." Lies! Kara has bullied me ever since I came here, and Steph only know about half the things she says to me. If Steph knew it was Kara she would no joke beat the living shit out of her.

My thought get interupted by Andy and Mrs Muhall opening the door. "Whats wrong girls?"

Quickly hiding the blades behind her back Steph replies "I dont want to see her leave, She's my swagilicious homeskillet"

"Please dont ever call me that again"

After Andy, Mrs Muhall, and Steph help me pack up its time for me to leave. I hate this place so much and I dont want to leave Steph here.

"It will be okay. If someone messes with me, I will mess up their face," Steph replies.

"No you wont." Mrs Muhall corrects. But as soon as she turns away I look at Steph and she mouths 'Yes I will'

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