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hi my name is Megan but you can call me meggs i am what you would call a bad chick ha ha its because i am always in trouble you only live once right well ya i am irish but over here in L.A. why because i am an orphan so ya


33. chapter 29

I woke up to someone knocking on the door I got up and answered it and there stood the person I really did not want to see

Megan go away brad I never want to see you again

Brad Megan please listin to me it's not what it looks like

Megan really it looked like you were kissing a another girl

Brad no we'll yes but I was drunk I thought it was you please forgive me I miss you

Megan I forgive you but we're not together any more bye brad

I shut the door and slid down and start crying until Cody came out and hugged me and we were like that's for ages I felt so safe in his arms

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