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hi my name is Megan but you can call me meggs i am what you would call a bad chick ha ha its because i am always in trouble you only live once right well ya i am irish but over here in L.A. why because i am an orphan so ya


24. chapter 21

We walked out and I went for a walk on my own and I bumped into someone and I fell on the ground

Person : oh I am so sorry love

Megan: no that's ok

Person: i am brad

Megan: I am Megan hey aren't you in the vamps

Brad: yep aren't your scooters daughter

Megan: yep we should hand out some time

Brad: ya I am free now if you want to get something to eat

Megan ya sure I just have to go back to the bus and tell dad he'll flip if I don't

Brad: ok that's fine

We walked back to the bus and I invited brad in and dad and Cody was in the sitting room part I told dad I was going out to eat with brad and he said ok and gave me money Cody looked a bit upset I'll talk to him later about it but me and brad went to Mc Donald's he would not let me pay after little argument I gave in we were talking and getting to know each outer when we went back dad asked if the vamps would be an opening act for justin because Carly can't do it and he said yes i can't wait that's means I get to spend more time to hang out he had to go to pack and stuff he kissed my cheek and left ally came out and pulled me into the bedroom

Ally you like brad don't you

Megan a bit he is so cute and nice

Ally omg you two would make such a cute couple

Megan thanks ally

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