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hi my name is Megan but you can call me meggs i am what you would call a bad chick ha ha its because i am always in trouble you only live once right well ya i am irish but over here in L.A. why because i am an orphan so ya


22. chapter 19

After the show I ran up to Cody and gave him a hug and said he did great he said thank you and we went off to the bus while we were walking out there was lots of fans I hid my face in Cody's chest and when we were nearly there at the bus I heard a fan scream my name I looked over to her and went over with Cody behind me he wrapped his hands around my waist

Megan um hi

Girl aaaaaahhhhhh it's really you can I ask you something

Megan ya sure

Girl are you and Cody dating

Cody yes we are

Cody said I looked at him wired and he said bye and pulled me away into the bus I looked at him like he was crazy and he smiled and kissed my cheek u blushed and we sat down and watched a movie pitch perfect I love that movie I was about to fall asleep when i put my head on Cody's chest and before I was asleep I heard him say I love you I mumbled I love you to

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