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hi my name is Megan but you can call me meggs i am what you would call a bad chick ha ha its because i am always in trouble you only live once right well ya i am irish but over here in L.A. why because i am an orphan so ya


15. chapter 14

As we got into the car everyone was silent and there was so much tension I didn't know what to do so I just put my earphones and listened to black vail brides knives and pens I love them there great when we finial got to the hotel everyone ran out of the car wow what the truck did I do I just got out and walked into the hotel with everyone at reception dad gave me a key and walked off well that's rude I looked at the card and went up to the room I hate when people hate me I just sat into the room crying until the door opens and ally comes in she saw me crying and gave me a hug I looked at her confused

Megan wait aren't you mad at me

Ally we'll I was but now I can see that you don't know

Megan don't know about what

Ally I knew it sit down and I'll order some ice cream

With that she left what is it that I don't know

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