After the Angels: a Supernatural Fan Fiction

If you have watched Supernatural (on the CW) than you will understand this story.


1. The Beginning after The End

Dean awoke with a jolt. It was just then dawn but he felt as if he'd been asleep for days. He knew now that it was time; the darkening sky, the eerie silence, the longer nights. He rolled out of bed and brushed his hand through the shortly-cropped black hair. Sam was asleep in the room on the other side of the hall, and Dean could hear him snoring. "Today's the day." Castiel was dead. This thought was the only one rushing through Dean's mind as he turned the shower on. Stripping down to nothing, he allowed the water to surround him in steam. It was the day that Castiel was to be buried. No real service would be performed, just a private, lonely grave behind the hideout. No flowers were to be given, only a tombstone reading "Our Human Angel" placed above a mound of soil. Dean could barely believe it; the events of the past month flashed before his eyes over and over. Sam and him finding Castiel, the overwhelming sadness drowning them, putting Kevin's translations on hold, staring at an empty phone book... No one to call to ask advice. Darker days have never come. Dean dried off, glancing at his reflection in the mirror. Normally he had great pride for his self-appearance, but today he looked sullen, starved, and most of all tired. It was going to be a long day. After Dean has dressed, the silence overcame him. He went rummaging through the file room of their hideout, looking, hoping he would find something to take his mind away from the memory of Castiel... lying dead in the grass, his coat ripped several times, the familiar face of their angel burnt beyond recognition. The files brought him no solace. No inkling of hope for a happy future, no promise that loved ones would not die. A desperate thought crossed Dean's mind: He had no more loved ones, except for Sam. All of his family (makeshift and otherwise) were dead. None remained but his brother. With this thought, Dean straightened his shirt, pushed the boxes of files back on their shelves and went to wake Sam. He needed to move, lest the sadness consume him.
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