Tell me a lie (sequal to Protect Her)


8. chapter 7

"I missed you." Ashton whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I was frozen and speechless. "I m-m- missed you t-t- too." I stuttered before quickly getting in my car and driving away. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" I yelled to myself. I took a deep breath and before I knew it I arrived at my house. I sniffeled and whiped away my tears before getting out of the car and walking into my house, knowing there would be paps outside ready to take my picture. I sighed and walked into my house.

I wanted to go to my room but my legs were to weak and I fell to the ground, on my knees and burried my face in my hands as I started crying. I really missed him, more than anything. I needed him, I wanted him... I never should've let him go. I dialled his number and he didn't pick up. I called him about 13 more times until he finally picked up.

"What do you want?" He said with a sniffle. Was he crying? I sobbed quietly.
"Niall, I need you." I sobbed and it stayed quiet for a while. "Niall... please say something. I- I miss you so much." I cried out and once again it stayed quiet. "I just can't handle you being mad at me...." I whispered shakingly. "I just can't handle being without you..." I whispered. "I miss your voice... your beautifull blue eyes that twinkle... your adorable smile and the way you can make me laugh whenever... I just miss you so fucking much." I whispered the last part as more and more tears start to fall down my cheeks. "Please don't give up on me... too." I whispered the word 'too' and the lump in my throat got bigger and bigger.

"I'll be over in 10." He said and by the tone of his voice I could tell he was crying and with that he hung up. I tried to stand up and my legs were shaking so I sat down on my couch until about 10 minutes later the doorbell rang and I walked towards the door still shaking. I smiled weakly at Niall who's eyes were still red from crying. He walked in slowly and sat down on the couch. I sat down next to him and we talked for a long time.

"When did you cheat on me?" He asked softly. I looked up at him. "I never cheated on you... I was a desparate 14 year old who thought he loved me..." I whispered and he pulled me into a hug and whispered sweet things in my ear and appolagised for not hearing me out.

"Just, please... don't you leave me too... I need you..." I whispered as a single tear rolled down my cheek. Niall whiped away my tear and I looked into his beautifull eyes. They were filled with tears he was holding back. He smiled at me weakly. "I'll never leave you..." He whispered as he held me a little tighter.

"I love you, Allison." He whispered softly as he kissed my lips sweetly and for a moment all my problems seemed to go away.

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