Tell me a lie (sequal to Protect Her)


4. chapter 3

I felt two strong hands shake me softly. "Babe." I heard Niall's Irish accent say. "Fuck off and let me sleep." I mumbled burrying my head deeper into my pillow. I heard Niall chuckle. "Babe it's 1 pm." I put my hands to my ears. "Fuck off." I mumbled again and Niall -once again- started chuckling. "Niall shut the fuck up or leave." I said annoyed. "Someone's grumpy." Niall said jokingly. Niall kissed my neck and I sighed. I took my head off of the pillow and sat up facing Niall as my legs were on either side of his waist ad I sat on his lap.

I rubbed my eyes and let out a small yawn. Niall smiled. "Babe go get dressed." He said looking at my half naked body since I sleep in my underwear. I layed down on my back, not leaving his lap. "What if I don't want to." I said. I struggled to get up again when I suddenly felt something hard touch my leg. I looked at Niall who had wide eyes and his cheeks were heated up.

"Niall did you just get a boner?" I asked him slowly as I slowly got off of him. Niall's cheeks heated up even more and he looked away as he covered his crotch causing me to burst into laughter. "I take that as a yes." I laughed standing up and walking towards the bathroom. "Wait why do I have to get dressed and stuff?" I asked Niall as I turned around. "We're going to the beach, all of us." I nodded. "Who is 'all of us'? " I asked Niall. "One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer." I nodded and walked into the bathroom.

I washed my body and my hair, brushed my teeth and got out of the shower. I put on some random clothes.

I also put on some light make-up and walked into my bedroom again. "You look beautiful." He said snaking a hand around my waist as we walked out of the door, towards Niall's car. We drove to the beach, to find everyone already there. "Allison, can I please take a picture with you? I'm a huge fan!" I smiled at her and nodded. I put my hand on her shoulder as I smiled widely and so did she. I took pictures with more girls and me and Niall walked towards the others. I gave everyone a hug. (Yes even Zayn and Liam) and took of my sandals, skirt and shirt as I layed down on the towel. 

"Excuse me." I heard someone say. I opened my eyes and saw a hot guy standing in front of me. He was tan and had brown hair. His eyes were a green-ish colour, he was extremely musceled and he was tall. "Yeah?" I asked politly. "Could I go on a picture with you?" I smiled and nodded. "Sure." I stood up and he put a hand on my back as I did the same with him. We both smiled and his friends took the picture. His friends was tan and had black hair. His eyes were a dark shade of brown and he was also musceled. He asked me if he could also go on a picture with me and before I knew it a group of twenty hot, musceled boys stood behind me as we made a group picture.

I smiled in a picture, made a duckface in another, stook my tongue out in another and just other random pictures. "Alli?" I heard and I turned around. "Hi Niall." I said pecking his lips.  "Thank you for the pictures." The boys said before walking away and I waved politely. Niall wrapped his arms around me and pulled me as close as possible and started to kiss me sweetly. "So you're jealous?" I laughed and he turned a bright shade of pink. "I take that as a yes." I giggled before letting my straightened hair loose and putting Niall's snapback over my head.  Niall pulled me a little closer as his breathe brushed my face. I smiled and Niall inched closer before pressing his lips on mine softly as our lips started to move in sync. 

Than Niall took back his snapback and ran into the water with me following behind him and than Harry freaking tackled me, that little son of a b- "Don't curse Alli." Harry spoke and I furrowed my eyebrows "I didn't say anything." I said confused and Harry chuckled. "But you thought it." He said smiling, flashing his dimpled. "Get of of me you dork." I giggled. He chuckled again and got up and helped me. I thanked him as I was now completely soaked. He smiled and Calum and Luke freaking threw me in the water together. My head went underwater and I gasped at the cold water as I got up. The boys were laughing hystarically and I started to cry. 

They all stopped laughing and Niall pulled me into a hug as I shivered. I was so cold I felt like my body could freeze any second. "Shit Allison, sorry." Calum and Luke said and I flashed them a weak smile. "I think I'm going to go home, I'm freezing." I softly spoke as I walked out of the water towards my towel. I slid on my black tanktop, grey skirt and black sandals. "At least bring her home, that's the least you can do." I heard Niall his at someone. "Hey Allison. Need a ride home?" Calum asked me smiling. I nodded slowly and Niall kissed me on the lips. "Just call or text me when I need to come over, you miss me or you just when you're thinking of me." He said with a smile on his face. I smiled back at him and pecked his lips. 

Calum held the door open and I thanked him before getting into the car. I took my phone out and started typing.

To: Niall <33333 -
I miss youuuu :((( x

I looked out of the window and saw Niall turn his face towards the car and smile widely at me. I pouted as Calum drove of and we both looked at the now pouting Niall. 

"You two are adorable." Calum chuckled.

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